Is This An Official Poster For Call Of Duty: Black Ops 2?

It's looking more nd more like this year's Call of Duty is going to be a sequel to 2010's Black Ops. A retail source forwarded the following image from a poster received today.

It's been widely speculated that this year's Call of Duty game will be a sequel to Black Ops, which was developed by Treyarch.

Also, the framing narrative for 2010's Black Ops was a debriefing where elements of a massive secret conspiracy were revealed so the text on the poster could be referencing that.

Also, the date on the poster is most likely a reveal date and not a release date. Call of Duty games typically come out later in the year to take advantage of the busy holiday shopping season.

In February, a French video games site found themselves banned — and then unbanned — from Activision events after reporting that a Black Ops sequel would arrive in 2012 after an Amazon leak earlier this year. That overreaction led many to think that the information in the leak was right on the money.

When contacted, Activision declined to comment to Kotaku about the image.


    This is nonsense.
    - 5th February 2012 has passed
    - May 2nd 2012 (using bizarre US dates) would mean that people playing Call Of Dudy
    Modern Warfare 3 will need to dump it with not even half the maps released.
    - If this is real and Activision wishes to release a Call Of Duty bi annually, well then that's it for me
    Their greed shows no limit, if this is real it is even more so.

      It's the 5th of may... Americans!

      Um..... Robert, this will be the official announcement date, not the release date.

      1. It goes without saying that if this is real, it's American. Evan Narcisse writes for Kotaku US, and it seems unlikely that he would post an Australian teaser touting an announcement date that has already passed everywhere on this planet.
      2. The game is definitely not coming out next month. As Evan pointed out, Activision tend to release CoD games when they will have the most sales impact- namely December. Again, that goes without saying. The MW3 community has at least another six months or so to get the multiplayer maps and other content being developed. And they won't get ignored after BLOPS2 comes out.
      3. If you don't like it, don't buy it. I doubt that even half of the people that complain about the CoD series and threaten not to buy the games follow through on their threats. Everyone on the internet does this, it seems like, and these things still sell through the roof.

      You seem to think Activision priority is games, smell the roses son..
      Activisions 1 priority is making money.

      Release a map pack or make another billion dollars over the course of the year?

      what a dumbass!

      Please don't tell me you are serious Robert..

    As long as the game isn't another big flashback I wouldn't mind. Also the pic looks just like someone's reflection on a shiny black piece of something.

    Wow, it's like they aren't even trying to hide the fact that you're buying the same old crap under a new title anymore. Now even the poster art is the same as a past release.

    They plan to announce BO:2 May 2? Why not wait a month and do it at E3?

      Even though the game will sell millions and it won't matter where/when they announce it, announcing it now when there is nothing else going on... or announce it at E3 when everything is getting announced and most of the focus is on new hardware (WiiU) and possible hardware teases (both Sony and MS, not full announcements)

    As long as it has Zombies...That's all I want from Blops 2

      I would buy a CoD game that only had the zombie mode with all the thus-far realeased maps and hopefully a little more. Seriously, Zombies is THE only thing that I have ever liked about the CoD series. If they did the little cash-in I am suggesting, it would be my first CoD, and last, ever.

    Don't know why people are trying to debunk this, Activision usually reveal the next CoD game end of April- early May, so it's a strong possibility that this is BlOps2. Although i have no interest in getting it, i am interested to know where they take it to next (intersting time period BlOps was set in)

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