It’s OK, Electronic Arts, Stephen Fry Thinks You’re Doing OK

It’s OK, Electronic Arts, Stephen Fry Thinks You’re Doing OK

In a rare and recent piece of good news for the company, publisher Electronic Arts today received a vote of confidence from none other than the single nicest man on the internet, British comedian Stephen Fry.

The TV, film and documentary legend has thrown his significant online clout (the man has over 4 million Twitter followers) behind a campaign being staged by All Out, an international organisation seeking to increase awareness and tolerance of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) people around the world.

They’re supporting EA in the wake of the flood of letters the publisher has received in relation to the inclusion of gay relationships in two of BioWare’s most recent games, Mass Effect 3 and Star Wars: Old Republic.

“If you do 0 else today, do join me and @Yoda to help game-maker @ea stand strong against anti gay hate & the dark side”, Fry Tweeted earlier this morning, urging people to sign a petition All Out (and Yoda) have put together. That petition reads:

Dear friend,

This is no joke: Electronic Arts (EA), one of the biggest video game companies in the world, and maker of the highly popular Star Wars: The Old Republic video game – is the target of a boycott orchestrated by hateful anti-gay groups. As we speak thousands of anti-gay letters are flooding their headquarters, threatening to push the company and its staff to the dark side (“Homos are ruining gaming!” wrote one boycotter.)

Why? Because they had the courage to give players around the world the option of including a gay romance storyline in their interactive Star Wars game.

I just signed this letter from All Out (and Master Yoda!) asking Electronic Arts staff to stay strong and resist the dark forces of homophobia. The more of us that let the company know they’re doing the right thing, the more support they’ll have in continuing to resist the dark side. Sign now, and tell your friends about this important campaign”

So, yeah, an internet petition. Hardly a million boots on the street, and it won’t take all the shine off the fact it was voted America’s worst company in a recent online poll, but if anyone at EA needed something positive to start their working week with, there you have it. A very nice man thinks two of your games are doing something important.

Stephen Fry [Twitter]

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  • I wonder how many of these anti-gay people that flooded EA’s email address with threats to boycott them actually bought/play games at all?

    • You can’t /play/ the games. They might infect you with their gayness. It’s just not worth the risk.

  • I say we petition the head of Webster’s dictionary and and get the meaning of FAG changed from obnoxious harley owners, to homophobic people instead.

  • XD rofl thyco, if only! yay for Stephen Fry! he is almost as awesome as the Monty Pythons, which means he’s pretty awesome. and WHile I despise EA for Regional Pricing, Destroying my most beloved game studios (RIP Origin Studios, Westwood, Bioware) I have to give them props for not stopping bioware from adding Gay and Lesbian people into their games. I think one of the nicest things for me about ME3 was steve the shuttle pilot who was one of the few gay guys who felt like just another person which is all I have been wishing people would put in their games and tv shows all this time! its just nice to see gay peeps being portrayed as just another guy/gal, y’kno?

  • EA’s involvement is a bit of a stretch, they publish the game. Support the dev that made that choice, not the people that bankroll it.

    • And if EA said ‘No, take the homosexual stuff out’? While not the devs they at least didn’t demand it be removed.

  • This is a PR move for EA. Bioware is the company that developed the games including same-sex relationships. C’mon Stephen Fry, do your research mate. Dont try to change the point that EA (along with ALOT of other companies) need to go!

    • Yes but it’s EA that’s getting flooded with letters, and they can simply refuse to sell the game unless Bioware changes it.

  • EA can add all the diverse acceptance in their games they want, it doesn’t stop them from being massive douchebags.

    While I sympathise with people like Fry who give them a big thumbs up for this, it kind of pisses me off that the company is painted as awesome, just because they added a miniscule feature like homosexual romances, by people who haven’t played a videogames seriously for more than 30 minutes in one sitting in their lives, yet much larger worries that have more to do with what the company is actually doing to the industry aren’t addressed or acknowledged, even when they are proclaimed by the largest party with the vested interest (us, or people who play their games).

    • Actually alot of rumors are going around stating this is exactly what they’re trying to do. Repairing their image. Make it seem all their hates are homophobes so they can lump the criticism in with that and draw attention away from their lowering stock and revenue.

      Seems like TOR was a big money pit after all and lowering numbers for subscriptions because of bugs, bad endgame etc are really taking its toll.
      Again just a rumour but it does fit with what they are doing at this current time

  • Fry’s a lovely man, met him myself after he gave a show in Sydney. But he seems to be missing the point here. The hubbub over the TOR/ME3 gay romances is only one tiny sliver of the anti-EA vitriol that’s boiling over on the internet.

    Defending EA is almost like dismissing the all-round douchebaggery of Rupert Murdoch because he owns News Corp. Fox is a subsidiary of News Corp and happens to bankroll Glee, a show that promotes gay rights. EA publishes games for money, that’s not to say they’re evil, but they’re far from the good guys here.

  • Hahahahah EA is in full damage control mode. What a load of b.s.

    This is because EA one the worst company award. you notice that only EA is saying this? not a single anti-gay group has publicly spoken out against EA. EA is making up crap.

  • The whole anti-BGLT thing is so obviously contrived. I have never once seen EA criticized of publishing games that feature homosexual interactions.
    I don’t see why people applaud EA for NOT doing the wrong thing. Where’s the love for Fable 3 or FO:NV’s romance options?
    And EA don’t even make games. Bioware made Mass Effect and Dragon Age. EA only funded them because there’s money to be made. They never made any design choices. EA’s developers are the ones deserving of praise.
    Obvious damage control from being voted worst company.

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