It's So Cool To Be A Geek That Felicia Day Wrote A Song About It

I won't speak for everyone, but I'm sure many self-proclaimed geeks have had their hobbies and passions bashed by high school teenagers who couldn't comprehend the awesome. I certainly never replayed my favourite Final Fantasy games over and over in lieu of fellow gaming compatriots to share the experience with. No, never.

Felicia Day and crew — creators of the World of Warcraft-centred web series, The Guild — certainly have, or at least their online personas have. But now that the bullying has subsided and magazines like Wired and Vogue have risen to support geek culture, The Guild team feels vindicated.

So vindicated, in fact, that they wrote a song about it. The Guild's latest music video is part of Felicia Day's launch of Geek & Sundry, an Internet community devoted to videos about games, comics and more.

You can find three new shows (including Table Top with Wil Wheaton!) over at the site, as well as a trailer for a fourth upcoming show. We expect to see exciting things from Felicia, Wil, and the other hosts featured at Geek & Sundry.

The Guild: I'm the One That's Cool [Geek & Sundry]


    ... The Guild isn't about WoW.

      They don't say it due to copyright/paying Blizzard or whatever, but it really is.

    Man that was cool. Love Felicia and the whole The Guild crew. This video/song really reminded me of Scott Pilgrim haha, think it's the video effects and guitar tone.

    i hate you tina

    i have yet to comprehend the 'awesome' of the contribution felicia day has made towards the geeky community - she's just another 'self-proclaimed geek' who's gotten a bit of exposure, and i wouldn't call it positively reputable exposure.

      "and i wouldn’t call it positively reputable exposure."

      How so?

    Ummmm, the song wasnt written by Felicia (although im sure she helped) It was written by Joss Whedon

      Tweet to back it up :

      Felicia Day ‏ @feliciaday
      [email protected] directed and wrote the new @theguild song (just like Avatar). Spread word and support!

      Close - it was written by *Jed* Whedon, Joss's brother (who also co-wrote Dr Horrible's Sing-Along Blog, as well as the previous Guild song 'Do You Want To Date My Avatar'.

    Brendan's Cool Lesson no.1
    Singing about being cool isn't cool.

    Love The Guild, love Geek and Sundry - love love love Felicia Day. :)

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