I've Never Seen Someone As Scared Of Chickens As This Kid

We got an email overnight from a reader, and the subject line was "Real life Zelda?". I feared the worst. Some bad fan art, perhaps, or even worse, an awful fan film project. How wrong I was.

If you're just a regular human, you'll probably laugh. Wonder why the kid doesn't just drop the food. Or why the guy with the camera runs away from the screaming child instead of helping him, just so he can capture the comedy on camera.

If you're a veteran of the Zelda series, though, where antagonising chickens can mean pursuit and certain death, well. Your heart goes out to him.

[Thanks Rafael!]


    Sure can't wait for the game to come out! Great gaming news. Thanks Luke.

      Here you go http://kotaku.com/kotakucore.

    When I was a toddler, I was chased by a chicken across Collingwood Children's Farm.

    I was filled with loathing/fear of Chickens for the next decade.

    Now I'm sorry but that is just to cruel to run away from the kid while he is that terrified.

      It makes me feel angry, as a parent, that sound the kid is making is terror and I just wanna reach out and help him.

    Whoever it is that is emailing Luke these articles, please stop.

    Well if you attacked the chickens in Ocarina of Time you'd be shitting yourself too...

    My kids have chickens, they pick them up and pat them every day.

    I had a similar experience with lambs when i was 3 years old and to try to escape them I tried to climb up a sharp piece of sheet metal and cut my hands wide open to the bone.

    I still cant help laughing at this though. Its just helping him build a healthy hatred of chickens.

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