Jack Tramiel, Father Of The Great Commodore Computer Company, Dies At 83

Jack Tramiel, a Holocaust survivor and the tech visionary who founded the company that created the legendary Commodore 64 computer, died on Sunday at the age of 83, Forbes reports. We'll have more on Tramiel's great legacy later.


    Are we still calling these short blurbs articles? More like articlettes. Fun size news bites.

      Someone historically important dying is noteworthy even if its only a few lines.

        i think Sam's point is that there should be more to write about the guy, rather than just two sentences.

        At least give a proper writeup on him.

    Judging by that photo, he didn't have a head. No wonder he died.

    Seriously, the guy was 83 years old - surely at some point in that span of time SOMEBODY must have taken a better photo of the man?

      The weird thing is that its a clear crop from this photo of him, I'd say they used the same one but the table cell cut the image off rather than shrinking to fit.

      He DEFINITELY had a head.

    Well I can't speak for anyone else but if I had a black armband I'd be wearing it today. That man, or more accurately the C64 & Amiga he helped make, was one of the major influences on my life. There's no doubt that without his company I'd not be the giant geek I am today. Hell without him, there's even a possiblity that I might have turned out normal!! What a ghastly thought.


      Actualy He was the father of the Atari ST, he had sold commodore and bought Atari by the time of the 16 bit era.The ST was mostly deseigned by ex commodore techs and the amiga company was set up by disgrunteled atari techs.

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