Japan Finally Makes Dancing Schoolgirl Game For Kinect

Japan Finally Makes Dancing Schoolgirl Game For Kinect

Headed to the Xbox 360 this year, game developer Boost On will be releasing a series of Kinect-only dance adventure games.

Titled Love☆Tore, the game will have three versions, “Sweet,” “Mint,” and “Bitter,” and are scheduled for release in 2012 Summer, Fall, and Winter, respectively. In the game, the player takes on the role as leader of a failing dance club and must work to gather and work with other club members to rebuild the club in a sort of dance-centric version of Glee.

From what little information has been released, gameplay seems to consist of mini games involving Kinect use, like balancing and dancing, the results of which will determine whether the dance club survives or not. Additionally, there is a main storyline that, judging from the overall look and character design, will probably involve character choices and potential romance options with the female characters, because Rule 34J states that “if it exists, there’s a romance game version of it in Japan”, and we already have Dance Evolution

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  • I assume Toshi Nakamura is Bashcraft’s pseudonym for days when he cries himself to sleep for not actually being Japanese.

  • why is it we can never have nice things. . . This article ticks all the boxes. . .
    It’s about a video game. Check.
    It’s more than a sentence long. Check.
    It’s somewhat intesting. Check (to me at least, it’s interesting to see what video games other cultures think will be successful)

    Yet despite all this people still feel the need to complain. . .

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