Japan's Favorite Robotic Made Hellish For Good Hygiene


    Am I the only one who had trouble understand the headline? I feel like it either should be "Robot" or something should come after "Robotic". Perhaps I'm just a bit herpity derpity tonight.

      Figures I'd make a mistake while complaining about not making sense...

      It makes sense to me, "This is a robot" - "This is a robotic" but then I'm not an English major so I may very well be wrong.

      Not just you, I think it was supposed to read "robotic toy."

        this sentence us about as valid as 'my favourite angry'. the adjective needs a noun.

        and yes, horrifying.lots of folks don't get braces in Japan. some alarming computers to western eyes

    Right in my childhood!! Damn dentist :(

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