Jean Reno Makes A Great Anime Cat

Doraemon is a robot cat from the future. His ears were eaten off by a mouse (hence him being afraid of them!), and his pocket carries all sorts of amazing gadgets. Doraemon is a beloved cartoon character, and he's being brought to life by... Jean Reno.

The famed actor has appeared in Toyota ads on and off for sometime. The Nagoya-based carmaker is running a series of commercials that show the Doraemon characters as adults. Reno plays the robot cat.

Even if you do not know Doraemon, the ads are great. And if you are familiar with the anime, all the better.

Speaking of amazing gadgets, how about a robotic cat that can turn into Victor le Nettoyeur?


    Jean Reno is a boss, at least this time he is not being sent to medieval Japan to thwart Nobunaga with a whip.

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