Jonathan Blow Has More Shirts Than Armpits

Jonathan Blow Has More Shirts Than Armpits

A few weeks back, The Atlantic ran a profile on Braid creator Jonathan Blow. It was a great read, and I enjoyed the insight into the developer, but at the same time, he came across to many as a bit of a pretentious arsehole. If you’re of that same opinion, you’ll dig this “missing copy”.

A Tumblr account has posted a (not real) section of cut content from the piece, and even as someone who admires Blow’s work, it’s funny reading, poking as much fun at the man as it does the style of The Atlantic.

Blow rouses from sleep preternaturally alert. “I rarely sleep more than four minutes a day,” he declares as he pulls over a lurid Ed Hardy shirt, stray sequins fluttering off in apparent defiance of Blow’s ordered universe. “When I worked on Braid I hired a Sherpa to strike me if my eyes were closed for longer than 60 seconds.”

Reaching for a can of non-hydroflurocarbon deodorant, Blow sprays a perfunctory jolt under each armpit while clothed. When queried why, Blow barks a harsh laugh, as if disappointed at the writer’s obtuseness. “I’ve got more shirts than armpits,” he notes “it saves time this way. Besides — don’t you people ever get tired of doing things the same way — as if you’re just rote little worker bees?”

Read the rest below.

The Atlantic on Blow – the missing copy [Opinions Expressed]


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