Joy Ride Gets A Dis-Kinected Sequel

Joy Ride Gets A Dis-Kinected Sequel

Kinect Joy Ride was a casual racing game released at launch with Kinect in 2010, and it didn’t wow critics. (“Joy Ride might be the equivalent of a new word for spaghetti,” wrote Stephen Totilo. “The old one’s fine.”) Gamers especially didn’t care for standing up as they approximate the steering-wheel controls, something they felt was more intuitive if they were sitting down.

Well, you won’t have the Kinect controls to kick around any more. There’s a sequel — Joy Ride Turbo, coming soon to Xbox Live Arcade — and it appears to have ditched all Kinect support, going over to a standard controller. The game says it’ll offer an “all new Stunt Park,” where “you can jump off cliffs, shoot out of a cannon and more”. The game will feature new tracks, holdovers from the original, and online multiplayer supporting up to eight.

A specific release date was not given, but it’s likely that we’ll be getting this game sometime in the (northern) summer.

Joy Ride Turbo Is Coming To Xbox LIVE Arcade! [PlayXBLA]


    • Same here, Joyride looked good but when I heard it would be Kinect ONLY I thought why do this?
      I saw videos where the guy did not move and came first using Kinect, what a joke.
      I will check it out now that i can play it.
      So will we have “Plays best using a controller” on the box?

  • Has noone in the media asked why it’s dropped the kinect interface? And if not *bangs fist on table* why not?

    • I bet the official PR will be along the lines…

      PR Guy – “… even though we felt that Joy Ride was a complete success, unfortunately we realised that a large percentage of our userbase was unable to play this gem. So this new title, updated with all these cool extra features can now be played by all 360 users…”

      Journo – “Why didn’t you allow for both?”

      PR Guy – “Did you know Halo 4 is coming out in November? here are some new screenshots!”

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