Karma Wins The Battle Between Guild Wars 2 And World Of Warcraft, Or Does It?

YouTube artist and Guild Wars 2 fan MattVisual takes a stab at World of Warcraft in his Get a Mac parody "Guild Wars 2: Vs Other MMOs". The man has a point.

Guild Wars 2's Karma System does indeed allow players to score nice gear without grinding. During my time in the game's beta I often forgot the Karma was there, pleasantly surprised when I finally clicked on a Karma vendor to discover I had amassed a small fortune.

That having been said, some people prefer to spend months gathering their equipment. Hell, back when I played the original EverQuest I spent months attempting to gather the components for a single epic weapon. It was a massive combined effort by my guild friends and I, one that ultimately brought us closer together.

So there's that, or you can just be handed the stuff. Which is better?

Guild Wars 2: Vs Other MMOs (Get A Mac Parody) The Karma [YouTube]


    Each to their own I guess; there is pride to be had in owning something that took great effort to obtain and few others have to be sure.
    But earning and grinding are two different things in my book.
    Almost the difference between receiving a paycheck and spending days at a time on the pokies.

    For someone who works or studies full time, MMOs like WoW are a nightmare. I never (and still don't) really have the time to get into an MMO like that. That's what I loved about the original Guild Wars, it was geared more towards people who wanted to hop on and then hop off. Having no monthly fee was also very darn neat.

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