Keith Apicary Asks A Local News Reporter If She’s Ever Played Blazing Star

Keith Apicary Asks A Local News Reporter If She’s Ever Played Blazing Star

The famous PAX East ejectee Keith Apicary (a character portrayed by comedian Nathan Barnatt) gatecrashed a backup dancer audition for pop star (and “amazing roller skater”) Kimberly Cole earlier this month.

“He was wearing mum jeans, a NASA sweatshirt and he had a sack lunch,” she says, “so I knew that there was something special about him.” Apparently she was so charmed that she brought him back for another practice that KTLA-TV in Los Angeles broadcast live on its morning show Friday.

While everyone appears to be in on the gag (calling Apicary a comedian, and plugging his next appearance are tip-offs), they probably don’t understand exactly what they are in for, such as when he compares reporter Allie Mackay to Naomi from Blazing Star, the 1998 sidescrolling shooter for the Neo-Geo (a platform Apicary says he really enjoys). He then asks reporter Mackay if she has ever played that game, to which her best ad lib is to say she’d enjoy getting a lesson from him. Later, Apicary goes and wipes out a water cooler.

He also reveals that he’s so good at shadowboxing he risks defeating the air, which would cause everyone to suffocate.

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  • I can’t freaking wait for the show on Adult Swim when it starts. He might be the first case of Videogame humour hitting the mainstream that actually understands videogames and respects them, instead of it just being Sheldon playing Halo.

  • I still don’t understand why people find Keith Apicary funny. I understand why he’s supposed to be found funny, but he just doesn’t click with me.

    • That’s fair enough, I don’t think he’s for everyone.Much of his humour leaves me feeling equally as awkward as amused. He didn’t click with me for awhile either, I think I originally found his act way too ‘put on.’ But the more I watched the more I began to respect his amazing dedication to the role, the guy doesn’t shy away form anything, he’s really more of an actor than a comedian.

      Ever seen The Prestige? The guy is basically Borden from that. It’s slightly worrying I could see Nathan losing an arm if it was something Keith would do.

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