Ken Levine, Chris Avellone And David Gaider Spill Their Game Writing Secrets

You've already read Kate's summary of "Plot vs. Play", the PAX East panel about storytelling in video games, but now you can watch the whole thing courtesy of Mash Those Buttons.

From right to left: Ben Gilbert (Reporter, Joystiq), David Gaider (Senior Writer, BioWare), Chris Avellone (Creative Director, Obsidian), Ken Levine (Creative Director, Irrational Games), Jason Schreier (Me, Kotaku).

Plot vs Play: The Duality of Modern Game Design Panel - PAX East 2012 [YouTube]


    One of these writers is not like the others, one of these writers is bad.

    Hint: It's David Gaider.

      What are you saying! He works at Bioware™ he must be an excellent writer!

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