Kid's Colouring Book's Explode With Amazingness

Or, a the project is called, "The Best colouring Book Ever". Either label is entirely justified, because unlike the lifeless books kids are actually subjected to, this one has Mario fighting Spider-Man and Starscream.

It also features a single page with Luke Skywalker running at TMNT's Raphael while Bumblebee...well, while Bumblebee fucks Luke's X-Wing.

Size matters not, remember.

The Best colouring Book Ever [ROCOM, via Gamefreaks]


    I don't really know much about transformers but does the one in the second last picture have a rather large robot package? Or am I looking at it wrong?

      Hah it does look like that but I think he is actually sitting on an x wing from star wars.

        Actually, it's an X-Wing from Harry Potter.

          Tru dat.

        Ahem...I don't think he's sitting on it.

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    Remember, kids: Apostrophes do NOT mean "holy shit, here comes an S!"

      Wait.. So the full title is not "Kid is Colouring Book is Explode With Amazingness"?
      And people who write for a living should learn the correct use of an apostrophe?
      But then people will know the difference between "A business that knows it's shit" and "A business that knows its shit".

    This comment has been reported for inappropriate content and is awaiting review.

      There's nothing wrong with the article. There is however, something very wrong with you if you think a gaming blog is worth telling someone to kill themselves over.

        Damn straight, Strange.
        If people have such issues with the US authors, why don't they (commenters) just leave? That way everyone is happy!
        Failing that, use this:

    I'm not a very smart person and I'm no expert on English, but what's with the apostrophe in 'book's'?

      I would like to give you an explanation, but I think the only one is this: someone who is employed to write in English for a living is unable to comprehend the difference between plurals and ownership. At least Luke is the exception at Kotaku - practically the majority of IGN writers can't write.

        You can't be serious can you? That's an honest typo?

    So much awesome in each of these drawings

      You can't be serious can you? Is that honestly a typo?

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