Leaked Halo 4 Images Reveal New Looks For Enemies And Multiplayer Models

Hot on the heels of Halo 4's release date announcement, a chunk of art and screens have materialised out of the aether to provide glimpses of the updated Cortana model, re-designed looks for the Red and Blue multiplayer factions and in-game locations.

You can take a look at more images from the hotly-anticipated sequel by paying a visit to those scoundrels at All Games Beta.

Note: Images appear as they did today on the site All Games Beta

Halo 4

[All Games Beta, via Joystiq]


    How hard is it to not stuff up a game franchise? They were given money on a gold platter and all they had to do was not change the main factions just add in the fourrunners.... but no they have artistic controll now so lets change everything... well done dumbasses

      Actually I like the new things I think halo needed to reinvent its self to survive and this is what needed.

        I respect 343 wanting to take the franchise in their own direction, but to be honest; I don't really consider this a unique direction.

        Instead, they have gone in the "Let's add CoD features because it sells!" direction that Zipper took with SOCOM 4. SOCOM 4's failure resulted in the closing of Zipper, whereas a SOCOM true to the name (S1&2) would have sold millions.

        Halo 4 won't sell as bad as SOCOM 4 did, but it likely won't sell as much as Halo 3 did. Many of the people who only enjoyed playing MP in Halo 2/3 (I know quite a few) won't buy Halo 4. Hell, even Reach died out because of the Armour Abilities and DMR/bloom which are tiny changes compared to what's coming in H4 (random Power Weapon spawn locations change is HUGE). I predict that the majority of sales will be for the campaign.

        Obviously, this is just my opinion, and I could be completely wrong in my predictions.

          give me a better campaign. thats what got me hooked in the first place

      Don't be such a puss about it. Create a game that stays completely the same through each iteration, and watch your precious franchise die. Why else do you think Halo 3 was overrun? Because it's game play style wasn't in favor as much as newer games.
      I respect people who oppose Halo 4 without being an immature moron; learn from them.

    Uggghh dear god the grunts are going the wrong way.

      Actually I think, thats a....
      Fuck I have no idea what the hell that thing is

    Hopefully the older model armours are available. Would be a shame to lose all that customisation.

    Looks like some strange hybrid of ME3 and Dx:HR gear, and I cant say I like the new look.
    343 should have waited until Halo 5 to revamp the Armour design in such a major way because I can see a lot of people crying foul over this, also why strip off gear on the Elites? Looks like something they would wear while chilling before they got into their combat gear.

    Was doubtful when 343 was created that Halo 4 wouldn't drop the ball and when Ryan Payton left, when a Creative Director leaves because they are not "creatively excited" about the game this does not bode well.
    Should have waited until Halo 5 to change up the design in a major way because people get pissy when things change without reason, no matter if it is a good change or not.

    The game needs to be different other wise it isn't really 343i game at all. It's new look and feel is what Halo really needs!

    New designs are interesting to say the least, at least they're not hideous, and obviously 343i isn't going to make a bad game, but I'm still cautious about the massive changes in character design to say the least

    I think halo 4 is looking like something I will look forward too looks preetty sexy

    So take away the iconic look of the Spartan, take away the carefully balanced multiplayer where you can't get an advantage over other people by playing more often... does 343 actually want to make a Halo game?

    floating shoulder guards - cannot be unseen.

    EVERYBODY, STOP RAGING. These pictures are all from the latest GameInformer mag, and it explains them all. There's a story behind the multiplayer now, it all takes place on the UNSC Infinity in a combat simulator, like a holodeck or the X-men's Danger Room. The Spartans are Spartan IV's, which is why their armour is like that. The Elites are possibly renegades, or scavengers or the like (it was a bit fuzzy in the mag), which explains the stripped down armour for them; it's not necessarily military.

    Anyway, it sounded (and looked) really awesome, and my hopes are still high. Everybody stop hating for the sake of hating.

    I agree with everyone that says Halo has stepped out of line. 3 and 2 were near perfect. Perks, armor abilities and attachments don't belong in Halo. It just lowers the skill cap and makes things more accessible to "noobs". Halo was one of the last great franchises left, and now it is just being oversaturated...

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