Leisure Suit Larry Remake Makes Its Half-Million Bucks, Thanks To You?

Leisure Suit Larry Remake Makes Its Half-Million Bucks, Thanks To You?

The guy on the left is Al Lowe, adventure game pioneer and lead creative force behind the Leisure Suit Larry games. The guy on the right is Tim Schafer, adventure game pioneer and lead creative force behind Day of the Tentacle and other LucasArts classics.

When I took this photo, in February, Tim was on his way to pulling in more than $US3 million from fans who wanted to fund his team’s Kickstarter idea of making a new old-school adventure game. Tim and I were discussing this when Al walked up with his friends at Replay Games.

Today, Al and the rest of their team have just passed their $US500,000 goal for their Kickstarter. Their Kickstarter is about bringing the Leisure Suit Larry games back, starting with the first one that introduced us to Larry and turned launched one of the most popular, raunchy game comedies ever. A His team wants to re-do the first game, improving the graphics, adding voice, and so on, releasing on PC, Mac and mobile (read all about it here.). Al’s Kickstarter still has six more days to go for those who want to offer even more.

Al Lowe is jubilant today, of course. The comeback he’s wanted for Larry is happening. “I’m so proud and pleased that so many of Leisure Suit Larry‘s fans saw fit to make computer software’s most loveable loser into a winner!” he told Kotaku in an e-mail. “I’m overwhelmed by all the love and promise to give them everything they’ve been missing.”

Make Leisure Suit Larry come again! [Kickstarter]


  • Won’t this be the third time the original Larry has been ‘remade’? Or was it only remade once as the VGA version? I’m not against this at all, if Al Lowe is involved, it’ll be classic no doubt, I spent many days playing the original Al Lowe series (and hated all the non-Lowe Laffer games). Looking forward to it 😀

    • It will be the second remake of it. Al Lowe answered questions about why they were choosing to remake the first game rather than make a new one, and the short answer is basically due to the difficulty of licensing the character. He and the team felt it would be a safer investment to remake the first game. 🙂

      • I welcome it. Personally 3 was my all time favorite, we even had to buy the cheat guide to eventually finish it lol. Loved those games so much!

    • To clarify for anyone unknowing:

      – Box Office Bust and Magna Cum Laude ARE NOT from Sierra or Al Lowe.
      – Larry 1 through to Larry 7 (Love For Sail) ARE from Sierra and Al Lowe.

      All MCL had was Jan “Larry Laffer” Rabson making Larry do a cameo. WHY Jan WHY?!
      (He’s redeeming himself by being in LSL Reloaded though.)

  • i still remember the larry theme beeping through my internal speaker in my old 286. Memories…

    Hopefully the larry remake has more sophisticated humour than Bonetown.

  • @ Stephen: You forgot to mention Jan “Larry Laffer” Rabson and Neil will be back as Larry and The Narrator (among other voices).
    (I asked Replay and they confirmed for me. Unsure? Ask them.)

  • If anyone wants to help, they STILL need more funding. $500,000 was the Basic Dev Amount.
    With more cash comes more game. And the reward tiers actually give you bonuses for funding!

    Want a Larry condom? T-Shirt? Desktop wallpaper? BOXED GAME (Sierra size/style)?
    (And a lot of other awesome items.)

    Pop to the Kickstarter before the funding pledge ends!

    5 DAYS LEFT!

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