Let These Beautiful Sci-Fi Images Kick You In The Face

And they're not just sci-fi. As you can see in the above image, there's fighting game Tekken, too. Whether it's World or Warcraft or Avatar, photographer Michelle Monique mixes photos and art for her wildly vivid pictures.

"I wouldn't call myself a 'traditional' photographer because I like to create not interpret," Monique wrote on her Deviant Art page. "I want to push the boundaries of what people believe is possible to do with a photograph."

And that she does. Check out her work in the above gallery. More in the link below.

Michelle Monique [Deviant Art]


    I almost thought this post had nothing to do whatsoever with games until I saw the tekken logo. Well played.

      There are 5 pictures of the Tekken character and a couple are WoW characters I think, not familiar enough with WoW to be sure.

      Awesome art. Thanks Brian.

    These are freaking awesome. Props to her.

    I expected this of Luke but not you Brian.

    Saw the panty shot, knew who the author was.

    Sorry to nitpick but you have mistaken fantasy for scifi

      I was about to say. His excuse is ONE Avatar pic.

    Man i would love to get kicked in the face by that chick in the first pic

    Gratuitous pantyshots aside, which I look down on from upon my mighty big chair, these pictures are darn good.
    The Avatar themed one is pretty neat.

    Stunning! And if you liked that, you're gonna love the accompanying photoshoot video:


    So, Sci-Fi just means anything fictional now? Fi?

    I like how the picture of the post makes the author instantly recognisable...

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