Liam Neeson And Megan Fox Are Just Two Of The Celebrities You Can Play As In Guild Wars 2

I thought I'd gone pretty deep into the Guild Wars 2 character creation tools during my time playing the beta. That was until Sven AKA Lumin showed me the stars hiding behind the customisation sliders.

I never even thought to attempt to create the likes of Clint Eastwood or Scarlett Johansson in Guild Wars 2, mainly because I didn't think the character creation tools were robust enough to handle the task. Silly me, this is a system geared towards creating pretty player characters. Of course you can make celebrities with them, and damn accurate ones at that.

Guild Wars 2 Beta - Celebrity Character Creation [YouTube]


    stop teasing me and give me my game already >:(

    First two were great. The rest, the facial features didn't quite match.

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