Liveblogging The PAX Mass Effect Panel

Our own Stephen Totilo and Kate Cox are at PAX East, liveblogging BioWare's Mass Effect Panel.

What will happen? What will be revealed? How will it all end? Only one way to find out:


    It is time my brothers and sisters we must destroy what we Love so that it cant be corrupted anymore !!!!! Burn It to the ground!!!!!!! They may take our Money but they will never take our Passion!!!!!!!!! Light the torches.. Prepare the gallows.. Bioware is not long for this world!!!!!!!

      hey i didn't like the ending or DLC policies but even i think this is being a little melodramatic

    Hopefully they'll announce a date when they'll patch the face transfering issue. Bought my copy of ME3 on PC a couple of weeks ago and was disappointed to find it was still around. It's been sitting on a shelf, staring at me ever since.
      Patch for it in the next few days apparently

        Excellent! Thanks for the heads up!

    "Without you, we are nothing. We are artists without an audience."

    They don't want to comment on the indoctrination theory because they wanted an 'inception-like' ending where there's a question at the end that drives discussion. It's art because it's open to interpretation etc.

    The problem is, their 'artistic' ending was (to me) horribly horribly conceived and written. Their audience has one less member - the way they ended ME3 was insulting and I will not be supporting them from this point on.

    I'm still interested to see how they salvage this mess but it'll be from a distance - and without investing any further cash in them.

    I think they should make a cut scene with lots of paragon/renegade options, where you get to chose who you want to live with, after a mass gathering ; shoot him shoot her, then after your done choosing. sharpard shoots or doesnt shoot the people you whant to live with, then shepard thinks: "what should I do with the bodys" then you can choose bury them/ throw them off cliff/ romance them/ take a poop on them.after you chose, youll do an action on someone who is almost dead. if you choose take poop shepard pulls out a magazine in front of his face mockingly, and does it on his face causing his death. after that a cutscene goes on with you enjoying time with the people you didn't kill, and you find out that four people have a solution to the mass relays. after cutscene you get to explore a massive futuristic earth["rpg mode"] and your indicator locates them one by one. if you kill fist guy indicator locates second option, and so on. if you kill the fourth guy, you get renegade ending where someone really close kills sherpard; love interest, etc. and civilians and eveyone get herat broken. the credits go on. after credits it'll ask if you want to continue sherpard's journey. if yes, the credits rewind extremley fast all the way up with you and fouth soltion, still alive, then if you kill him it will say critical mission falure. you cant continue dead. when you accept the fourth solution you get cutscene solving relay problem, then you'll in "rpg mode" and get to travel this massive rpg world. in the rpg world there should be an option where you get to play evey sport, you can think of, with a group of people at a park [maybe even apply kinect with this "part"] and there should also be an asari who suffers morinth's disease in this rpg world too. and also have the player be able to use the hamerhead and mako, to travel to places faster too. now if you fix the relays before killing the fourth guy then you see "relays fixed" cutscene. credits. then credits rewind to the last few seconds of that cutscene, then you go into "rpg mode". this works for rpg gamers and for people who just whant to kill something [everyone], because the rpg elements happen at the "end" and "after" of the game. this works for every genre of games, appealing to everyone. thus I give anyone reading, full authority to email this to bioware. and bioware. you can copy this idea, and if you do oor dont whant to give me credit then I dont care.

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