Look How Gorgeous First-Person Bomberman Could Be

You're surrounded by walls and loaded with bombs. In the distance an explosion erupts, sending bricks flying in every direction. Another explosion, this time closer. And another still, even closer than that. It's not just Bomberman — it's first-person Bomberman, and it's glorious.

It's also, unfortunately, not a real game, but rather a concept created by YouTube video effects specialists Pipoca. The experience communicated in the concept video is wonderfully tense. The explosions lick at your heels as you jump out of the way, bits of bricks flying in all directions. Your opponent remains hidden until you're too close for comfort, otherwise only vaguely indicated by intermittant eruptions.

I would play this until my fingers fell off. Then I'd use my teeth. After that, I'd use yours.

First Person Bomberman [YouTube via PixelEnemy]


    i would play the heck out of this game! please someone make it.

    The Xbox Bomberman kinda proves that a non top-down Bomberman just doesn't work.


    a mod did it first.

    The gameplay would be horrible. How are you even meant to prepare for or see bombs that are around corners or behind you.

    there actually was a very old first person Bomberman game (for DOS if I recall correctly) - it used either a Wolfenstein/Mode7 style faked 3D or a tile base movement like the old first person dungeon crawlers (not sure since it's been so long since I played)

    I do like what this video does with the fire effects and brick physics though :)

    heh yeah seein those bricks explode like that is satisfying. Good option for replays

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