Lost Planet 3 Screens Star Frightened Space Jesus

Capcom has updated Lost Planet 3's website to include a range of new screenshots for the upcoming sequel that, let's be honest, nobody really asked for.

Scattered amongst them are shots we saw when the game was first unveiled, but most are new, showing a mix of killer snow aliens and a man whose beard and haircut look familiar.


    Oh, hey, screw you. I've been asking for a Lost Planet prequel since the first game came out, and I know plenty of like-minded people. And judging from the trailers and screens so far, it looks sweet.

      Agree. Lost Planet 2 coop was amazing

    Capcom's current version of their engine is looking sweet! It looks like they're certainly milking every last drop out of the current gen...

    Bit of a generalization there. I have certainly been asking for it, Lost Planet is awesome. Two was heaps fun as multi-player and I'm looking forward to more!

    Lost Planet 2 was rubbish. If #3 is like the original then it is worth making. Everything they did right in the original they removed in #2 and replaced it with a pile of turd.

    Hmm, maybe I should get back into this.

    Message for Lost Planet co-op!

    Another "quality" article from Luke Plunkett.

    Ezio looks awesome.


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