Man Booted Out Of PAX For Dropping His Pants

Man Booted Out Of PAX For Dropping His Pants

It’s not just young ladies in revealing outfits who were being asked to leave PAX over the weekend. Grown men in their underpants were being shown the door as well.

According to a video posted on Destructoid, and supported by subsequent interviews, comedian Keith Apicary — the world’s greatest Nintendo dancer — ran afoul of the event’s organisers when, following promises of good behaviour, he climbed up on a table at a panel held by Red vs Blue creators Rooster Teeth and took his shirt off. Then his pants. And started dancing in nothing but a very fetching pair of white underpants.

You can see the actual panel/dancing/underpants in action in this video, at the 11:08 mark. Note he leaves of his own accord and isn’t dragged off by security or anything like that.

That was enough, Keith says, to get him removed from the show by Penny Arcade business boss Robert Khoo and the Massachusetts State Police (you can see him being interviewed in the process of being thrown out here).

Unlike the controversy surrounding Nigri, which stems from her presence as a paid booth professional on the showroom floor, this was an isolated event at a single panel, albeit one from a man with a history of public showmanship (and who has previously had run-ins with PAX organisers, including being kicked out of earlier events). So why the eviction notice, given it seemed relatively harmless?

Well, despite his protestations that he was at the panel to thank the team’s bosses for featuring his comedy videos on their network, he was nevertheless up on stage uninvited. And in crashing the stage, then dropping his pants, he obviously broke the conditions on the notice he signed upon entering, promising not to do anything stupid. Like crashing a panel and dropping his pants.

The other possibility, as Keith says: maybe they just couldn’t handle “150 pounds of street fury”.

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  • if you watch the stream, burnie (head of rooster teeth) was totally fine with having him come up there

    monty (lead animator, the guy who’s microphone keith was using) was not impressed, and looked like he wanted to punch him xD

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