Manga Girls Show Improper Gun And Knife Use

Leave it to Japan to explain correct weapon use in manga form. A new book, Drawing! Gun and Knife Combat Pose Style Graphics, claims to do just that.

The book has over 800 colour as well as black-and-white photos and manga style illustrations of various weapons and females showing how to hold said weapons.

There are also explanations, shedding light on to each part of, say, an automatic handgun, plus 360 degree views of the weapon.

This might've made a handy desk reference if, as website Akiba Blog pointed out, the weapon handling in the book were correct. In many instances, it isn't.

Also, those outfits! Who shoots guns in latex?

マンガで銃や刀を描く人に 「描ける!銃&ナイフ格闘ポーズ スタイル図鑑」 [Akiba Blog]


    AK-47. The very best there is. When you absolutely, positively got to kill every motherf**ker in the room, accept no substitutes.

      Absolutely. Absolute... Absolut. Shit, more Vodka too, comrade.

      Ak47 is rather dated now much better weapon platforms now days.

      I feel sorry for anyone using the giant POS known as the AK-47. I feel slightly less sorry for whoever uses the vastly superior AKM. I applaud anyone using the magnificent TKB-517, which is far superior to the AKM in all areas (reliability, ease of manufacture, cost, accuracy, etc), and will give a standing ovation to anyone who uses the T2 MK5, which is, by all accounts, even better again. It's certainly easier to manufacture

        Argh, hit the submit button too soon.

        As I was saying, the T2 MK5 is certainly easier and cheaper to make than the AKM.

        If you want to get even more obscure, the TKB-022PM is once again a better weapon, with better accuracy, reliability that is at least equal to the AKM, a lighter weight and a more compact design. And, of course, there is the superb Type 81 rifle which, once again, excels in comparison with the AKM.

        If, instead of obscure, you want to get technical, then the ammunition used in the AK-47 is inferior in wounding power to the 5.45x39mm or 5.56x45mm ammunition used by most major powers.

        So, in conclusion, there are far, far better alternatives to the AK-47.

          I like the bit when you went super nerd-wank replying to a movie quote.

            Which implies that I knew that I was replying to a movie quote and not dealing with an ITG style statement made with absolutely no knowledge of what they're talking about.

      Ak74 bro.

        I just copied what was on imdb. Can't remember the exact quote myself.

    AKS 74u!

      creepy much

    i like the blonds shorts.

    purely for scientific reasons

    This could just be one of those "How to draw manga/anime girls holding weapons" books

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