Mario, You Look Different Without Your Moustache


    in b4 luke hate

    Just remember kids...there is a News button. You will find it UP THERE ^
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    Not sold. Just another fairly cute girl who dresses up in 'nerd' clothes in an attempt to get us wet. Didn't even bother with overalls, (why is it quilted?) lazy shirt and denim skirt. Just like those skimpy 'nurse' or 'cop' outfits they have at costume shops that are just a poor excuse to remove as much fabric as possible.

    Oh and, I hate you Luke

      I agree with the gist of what you're saying, but Meghan Marie is the real deal , she works for Epic. And she usually doesn't do fan-service-y stuff like this. Check out her cosplay of Anya from Gears - amazeballs!

      As for fairly attractive, I actually find her way prettier than Jessica Nigiri and Olivia Munn or any of those plastic skanks.

        Think she's just too conventionally attractive. Haven't seen her other stuff, but fanservice outfits like this bug me. It sickens me that male gamers will lose their shit over anything half decent wearing a vaguely nerdy outfit.

        It's something Olivia 'Butterface' Munn and Jessica Chobot clued in on early. By wearing cheap, pandering outfits catered to the lowest common denominator like Slave Leia, they rode that money train to better gigs where they wouldn't have to deal with those icky nerds.

    i like luke he post all the decent and interesting stuff i like

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