Marvel At China's Ballsy Rip-Offs

The way that licensed products are remixed and reworked in China is endlessly fascinating. Thanks to lax laws (laws that are increasingly less lax), Chinese businesses can get away with things they never could in other countries.

Increasingly, more and more Chinese are turning their noses up at knock-offs, demanding the real deal. Still, I dunno about you, but I'd love to drink Star F**ks coffee while eating Borio cookies and playing the Nintendo PolyStation from Namco in digital stereo.

Have a look at some Chinese knock-offs from the last five (or so) years, including everybody's favourite Chinese Gundam.

パクリ商品・キャラ・ブランド!おもしろ画像集 [Naver] 中国の偽物・パクリ商品の画像まとめ [Naver]


    Same of these are unbelievable.


    I like how the Polystation comes with a handgun.

    Obama Fried Chicken!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

    Some of them are glorious!


    All I can do is laugh at most of these. They belong in the epic fail photo file.

    "Star Fucks" and the "Obama OFC" = winners

    What is 'KLG' meant to stand for? Kentucky Laid Ghicken?

    See in China they have very specific copyright protection. The reason these around allowed is because they dont directly steal any of the logos etc. They may be intended to look almost exactly the same but they are not. In China only the trademark is protected. For example you can buy "Gucci" bags and these bags will have "Gucci" on them but see this isnt a logo or a trademark it is just the brand. The logo for Gucci is GC. You cant trademark styles etc so designs can be copied same colouring etc. In a way its very good since a fake Gucci is still a fake so its a different market. Amazing how great learning Chinese trade law was!

      And yet several of these do in fact steal the logo. The Polystation is clearly using the trademarked playstation and Nintendo names and logos, as are the apple imitation knockoffs. Did you actually look through all of these before commenting or did you just look at the title and make a comment based on that?

        um did you read Link's post where he stated

        " For example you can buy “Gucci” bags and these bags will have “Gucci” on them but see this isnt a logo or a trademark it is just the brand"

        He is saying that logo isn't covered under Chinese trade law. The trademark applies to the name i.e. Gucci and his indicating that you don't actually see letter for letter the trademark being replicated. For example there is a picture of batteries with the name "SQNY". If the manufacturer had used "SONY" this would be a breach of copyright/trademark under Chinese law.

        Everyone bitches and moans about Chinese laws but I would say they are quite fair and reasonable. Its western law that is unfair and unreasonable. The fact that Disney can have continuation of copyright on their works, some exceeding 50+ years, when the law only gives you a few years is a travesty.

        Copyright has been abused by the publishers and doesn't serve to "pay the artist" anything. Lastly and seeing that Chinese law in this area is quite reasonable (unlike their criminal law regarding drugs and freedom of speech) I would say to the Chinese to stand strong. If western countries want to play in China then they'll need to abide accordingly.

        Of course Allanon10101 if you want to get into a debate about how shit Chinese criminal law is then by all means lets go.

          Actually if you re-read what he said, he said that the issue is that Gucci itself is just the brand and not the registered trademarked logo, whereas the letters "GC" are the registered trademarked Logo. Therefore it would be a violation to put GC on a bag, but not a violation to put Gucci on a bag.
          Therefore logically his argument is that whilst brands themselves are not trademarks in China, the actual trademarked images themselves are. The PS Playstation logo is in fact a trademarked and copyrighted image and representation of the Playstation brand (see top-right of the "Nintendo Polystation"). Similarly, the Nintendo image, complete with the ring around it, is a trademarked and copyrighted image of the Nintendo company. The names themselves are not in question, tho they are pretty obviously intended as copies. The trouble is they have used trademarked imaging in the process which according to Link would be a technical violation of Chinese law. See and for these images that include the R indicating registered trademark, and note how they are exactly identical to the trademark placed upon the infringing items (albeit with a slightly different font used for Nintendo).

          Copyright is used to prevent unfair competition being generated through the use of a person or company's own intellectual property against them. If you feel it would be perfectly okay for someone to use something you created and potentially use it to put you out of business or cut your income in half, please feel free to make a case about it here.

          And yes, I wholeheartedly agree that the Chinese Criminal Code would be best read by being placed on a remote island and having a nuke detonated on top of it.

            Oh, and the copyright laws actually cover for 95 years from publication in most cases, where they are developed by a corporate body, or 75 years following the death of the author where they are developed by an individual. Works developed before 1923, however, are considered to be in the public domain.

            this is the real playstation trademark now look at the one one the fake. Its not the same. it has different colours and different name. It would surprise me if on closer inspection that the shape is different though i cant confirm this unless i had a better picture.
            Now look at
            it is different. China has a very different law system to us being a civil law country. There laws are actually pretty good the problem is corruption which is gradually getting bet but still has a long way to go.

          Thanks chugs =)
          Allanon if you look closely at the pictures you will notice that they are not actually using Nintendo's trademark they have written it in a different font and they also dont have the little R that is present in the normal Nintendo logo. as for the "playstation" logo in the top right corner is also different one they use red in where in the real one it has blue and also call it polystation and it also doesnt have the TM that the actual playstation logo has. This means that it is sufficiently different in the eyes of the law and is not actual improper use of their trademarked logo etc.
          In China they have Copyright law which deals with books etc then they have trademark law which only deals with trademarks etc and then they have Patent law which only deals with patents. It is very specific with what each deals with and what qualifies as an infringement. This system does have its loopholes including these clear examples but in a sense is extremely fair. It prevents people protecting/ attempting to protect words like "scrolls" and prevents companies from suing anyone who uses it.

          As for criminal law its actually very strict but they do actually have a lot of rights. Civil law is very different compared to here given that its a civil law base not a common law country. Their employment law is good which may surprise some people. Whether or not its enforced is another issue though. They have laws saying that during redundancy people who have been their longer/ are older will be made redundant after those who have been their for less if all things equal to help older people keep jobs. they have good protection of women if they become fired and great maternity leave schemes that put ours to shame.


    I agree; 'Star Fucks' and the 'Obama Fried Chicken' are the clear winners here!

    The kfc ripoffs are a bit surprising, considering that the real kfc is so dominant in China.

    Mak Dak and Nibe are quite funny too. love the added tick part to the Nibe logo just to make it look less rip off

    Some excellent Photoshop work in a couple of these, I believe most of them, but what market would there be for OFC? Especially OFC in China

    Would love some Borios to dunk in my Malk.

    The Famicom with the PS3 sticker stuck on is classic. Would definetly visit a shop called Starfucks!

    People are genuinely surprised?
    But OFC was pure gold.

    American Law Firm Reaction: *Mother Of God!* TOO MANY LAWSUITS. BRAIN MELT.

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