Max Payne 3's Bullet Time Looks Amazing

Bullet time. It used to be the thing that separated the Max Payne games' operatic gunfights from everything else in video games. Then it got adopted by everybody and became as unexciting and commonplace as jumping. But, this new video shows how the slo-mo shooting gets a major upgrade in Max Payne 3.

Rather than just a cool stylistic flourish, it looks like Bullet Time is going to be tightly woven into every aspect of the gameplay in Rockstar's hard-boiled threequel. I love that making your gunfights look cool pays off with replenishment of a gameplay resource. Given that you're not going to have regenerating health in Max Payne 3, it seems like you're going to have to master Bullet Time to become a Payne master. It looks like you're going to have a lot of fun doing it, though.


    Oh shit, that is so cool.

    It doesnt look too much better then the originals (Which isn't a bad thing.) How much did Rockstar pay for this video placement?

    "Max Payne 3′s Bullet Time Looks Amazing"


        You know, McGarnical... you do have a pretty nice car parked out front there... especially for a cop's salary...

        *eyes him suspiciously*

      I agree, it looks just like the old bullet time to me, just running on a more modern graphics engine.

      Title should be: "Max Payne 3 bullet time: same as before".

      Also don't take this the wrong way - I LOVE the MP series, and how they did bullet time but there is nothing "new" in this video besides improved graphics.

        I think they got it pretty close to perfect the first two times around though; apart from modern advances like per-bullet physics rendering (which they've done), what else could they really do?

    It does look amazing - but interestingly, not so different from the originals. Maybe we took innovation for granted ten years ago, but respect it infinitely more nowadays?

    OK ok, that was freakin' awesome :D manual manipulation of the speed of the killcams > :D Should provide some awesome youtube vids!

    The big improvements seem to be in the animation engine paired with the bullet time effect. This game looks totally badass... I'm just hoping our version isn't too heavily edited (ala L4D2) otherwise I may have to import.

      It's been rated MA15+ and I've heard nothing about edits.

        Do Aussies still buy their games in Oz, are you mad or do you like paying way too much for your video games. I buy all my games from ozgameshop since I moved over here from the UK

          Ozgameshop is no longer stocking RCd games, so this is relevant.

    I only just realises... May 15... Diablo 3 and Max Payne 3.... oh dear.
    And it's a Tuesday, WTF

    The guy talking sounds SO much like the Mass Effect codex voiceovers

      They're both middle aged americans?

    Slow mo can get old pretty fast... am i the only one who is not impressed?
    And only one shot to kill them, even if it hits their chest/hips?

    Isn't automatically activated bullet time just a QTE?

    $90 on Steam $80 at EB, this games gonna have go on my "to buy" list til at least the Xmas sales.

    Wow that looks totally badass. I wouldn't want to play it without a mouse though.

    That whole thing was so overproduced I struggled to watch it to the end.

    Give me dev on a crackly mic talking over a playthrough anyday.

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