Meet Nvidia's New Flagship Card, The $999 GeForce GTX 690

Capping off Nvidia's tease from earlier in the week, the company has taken the wraps off the GeForce GTX 690, which will be out on May 3. Price? Oh, a mere $US999.

Calling it their new "flagship" card, Nvidia reckons performance from the dual-Kepler GPU -packing card equals that of two GTX 680s slung together in SLI.

It also looks pretty badass, with an exterior made from cast aluminium. Specs are as follows:

CUDA Cores: 3072 Base Clock: 915 MHz Boost Clock: 1019 MHz Memory Configuration: 4GB / 512-bit GDDR5 Memory Speed : 6.0 Gbps Power Connectors: 8-pin + 8-pin TDP: 300W Outputs: 3x DL-DVI Mini-DisplayPort: 1.2 Bus Interface: PCI Express 3.0 While an in-house performance chart looks like this:

I'll take two and a bag of chips, thanks.

Performance Perfected: Introducing the GeForce GTX 690 [Nvidia]


    Unless something is just wrong with my witcher 2 or pc...

      That game is an absolute beast. I have a sandy bridge and mid-range graphics card. I play on low. Low. It still looks fantastic, but jesus.

        On a side note, I updated PC's this year, and I noticed absolutely no improvement on performance on that game. My new machine is way better than my old, and I still have occasional texture pop-in.

          I get about that with two overclocked 570s, you could probably get two 580s and get better performance than a 690.

   The 690 runs the new Kepler architecture. Two 580s with Fermi will still not quite match a single 690, with less power consumption to boot.

              What about 2 x 690s? Will that be better than a 690? >.>

        Really? At what Res? I play The Witcher 2 on ultra (minus ubersampling) at 1440X900 with a HD 6770, a budget card. I avg about 40 frames, my lowest is 27.

          The frame rate is fine. It's the texture pop-in. I've run it with three machines, and I don't seem to be able to resolve the issue, other than busting it down to low.

            I should add that I really like the game nonetheless.

            Wouldn't texture pop-in be more likely due to HDD speed than your graphics card?

              The thought has crossed my mind. However, I do have to ask if we're at the stage where a SSD is a requirement, or if its just mediocre programming. It certainly wasn't written as a requirement on the box>

              Man I feel dirty complaining about this because I love that game so much.

                Also one pitfall of playing on low is that it by default uses less RAM to store textures. You might want to bump that setting up if.

                I have an ageing system that runs it on 1920x1200 on medium at about 30fps usually. There's occasionally some texture pop, but not too bad. Usually only in flotsam, the other towns didn't seem to really be affected by it. And after all it's a result of there not being a load screen.

      Those results would be with uber sampling disabled, not enabled. I can tell you without a doubt that no card on the market is capable of running that game at 2560x1600 with that option enabled at 60 frames per second. I can't do It and I've got SLI'd GTX 680's.

    Sweet holy crap... wtf... this is more than the budget i have for an entire PC later this year :P lol

    What I love most, all the metal, no cheap plastic 'ere

    I wonder how heavy that monstrosity is.

    It's things like this that make me want to switch back from a laptop to a desktop. Hot damn.

    Will this still be available a few months later? Or is the manufcaturing too limited?

      Probably will be very limited, TSMC yields haven't been the best for 28nm chips lately, 680s are pretty much out of stuck everywhere and quite pricey I can imagine these 690s being in very few numbers for a while and fetching for over 1k in Australia, its good that the 7970 has dropped considerably however.

      Nvidia have gone on record stating that this will be available for the full run on the Geforce 600 series line, so expect at least 12months.

    I love excess.
    What do you reckon GTX680 SLI or one of the shiny GTX690?

      I reckon GTX690; Much less power requirement & consumption at almost same speed as SLI.

      Get 2 690s. While I haven't seen the specs on the card I can tell you that the clock speeds of the cores on each of the individual GPUs in the 590 were lower than the 580 despite nVidia marketing the 590 as 2 580s in SLI running in a single configuration. Also on a 690 the memory bandwidth will be shared between each memory module in both GPUs as opposed to each 680 being able to utilize their full bandwidth for each card. The only probably your likely to run into with an SLI set up is if a game you own has issues with SLI, like Crysis 2 did before it was fixed

        Sorry I meant get 2 680s, it was a typo :s

    Looks at system with two GTX590's.

    It was nice having the shiniest tech for a year but I'll sit this round out ;)

    Well seeing as a single GTX 680 is $499 RRP... unless there is some significant gains on running 2 separate 680s in SLI, I would just go the 690 based off the information here if it really is comparable to having 2 680s bolted together into a single card.

      Save a crap load of electricity too.

    Hopeful this pushes 680 prices down a bit... or at least lowers the demand.

      Agreed, I'd love a 680, but 650-699 is just too much :( especially now that the 7970 has dropped so much to around 530.

    I remember GeForce 3 selling for the same price back in the day......

    LOL A chip shortage with the GTX 680's so lets bring out a graphics card that requires 2 of them.

    All i have to say,

    Best part is it should make the more financially realistic cards (ie <$300) even cheaper.

    With the rip-off prices and scarce availilbility of the 680 I hate to find how much this will cost in Oz, well over a grand methinks.

    The build quality on these things is no joke. Than fan housing is made from a molded magnesium alloy, it's fucking pure GPU porn. I wish my GTX 680's had the same treatment.

    There goes my tax return, long before I even got it..

    Too bad i just bought a 590 a couple of weeks ago,

    does anyone have a comparison from the 590 to the 690?

    i have had both the 9800GX2 and am now running a HD 5970 and both cards, being duel processor cards, suffer from micro stutter, i actually force disable one of the cores on my 5970 to make games playable... that card cost me 900 bucks and i have to make it worst to work properly. i bet this will be the same.

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