Meet The Brand New Pokémon Trainers

This year, a new Pokémon game, Pokémon Black and White 2, is headed to the Nintendo DS. The latest issue of Japanese magazine CoroCoro Comic revealed new details about the game, including the first images of the game's brand new trainers.

Set two years after Pokémon Black and White, BW2 has about three hundred new Pocket Monsters. The game begins in a new location called Hougi City. It's located in the south of Isshu, the in game setting. It has both a Pokémon centre and a Trainer School.

There is a new male and female trainer (see above) as well as a new rival character. There is also a new "Gym Leader" character — a rocker girl named Homika.

Pokémon Black and White 2 is slated for a June release in Japan. It will be out this fall in the West.

Pokémon Black 2 & White 2 - CoroCoro Reveal [Serebii]

(Top photo: コロコロ)


    Well, that's it.
    Female again.

    So, this IS sounding like a legitimate sequel to a pokemon game that extends the story of its prequel, rather than a updated i HAVE to get pokemon black/white...*sigh* First world problems XP

      300 new Pokemon though? Does that include the original B/W ones? Cause that's a hell of a lot!

    Holy crap, another 300 new mons? Does anyone even bother to cath 'em all these days?

      I dont think they fit on the 1 DS cartridge any more :/

      no, it's 300 pokemon in the Unova pokedex, NOT 300 new ones. So it's the however many were in Black and White + some pokemon from the other regions.

    so you have a choice between and girl, and a girl.

    Once again horrible reporting by Ashcraft, no there are not 300 new pokemon.

      Good boy, someone actually reads up on this!

    the 300 include the new ones in Black and White. The 'hidden' pokemon released in that generation too and a bunch of older ones.

    Also, playing Female in this. The guy looks like a girl.

    I remember when the trainer was more like the TV Series!

    This is really the first time I've had any complaints about the player character appearances. But the girl is alright. Guess I'll be breaking my usual trend of playing as a guy, then. :P

    Neither of the trainers look very good in my opinion. I wish they'd let us choose from any trainers from the previous generations to play as or better yet let us create our own trainer.

    Holy carp! Set two years in the future is exactly what I wanted! Here's hoping for a lot of changes to the region (like Kanto did in Gold/Silver). I'm excited.

    Bought Undead Nightmare in hopeful preparation for tomorrow. It was indeed part of JB's 2 for $40 deal so I picked up Blur as well because McGarnical had been talking so passionately about it recently. Zombies! Racing! Racing zombies! My weekend is gonna have it all.

      Oh dear, this was meant for Talk Amongst Yourselves. Clumsy me! Please ignore this. :P

    Pokemon Black felt like a step backwards to me, the pokemon weren't entirely new (most were just based off of another and given an absurd non-memorable name), and key mechanics that were present in every other game felt dumbed down to the point where it made me feel the game was meant for a "new" generation of kids playing, rather than veterans who have been playing from the start. I still havent finished the game, and at this point dont intend to unless i get worked up after seeing the tv show again on cartoon network (unlikely as i havent watched that channel in over 2 years, due to the only thing ever being on now is ben10)

      Obviously Nintendo is catering their games for a new generation of kids. Pokemon is, ultimately, a childrens game.

    Does Ash still exist? haha

      Ash never existed in the games.

      Ash is based on RED from Gen 1.

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