Melbourne Is Attempting To Break The World Cosplay Record

Cosplay — I totally did that for my 30th birthday party (I dressed up as Minato from Naruto, my wife was Haruhi Suzumiya). There were roughly 30 cosplayers at my party, but that's nothing compared to this potentially world record beating cosplay event at Melbourne's Federation Square — organisers The Academy Of Interactive Entertainment in Melbourne is hoping for 1000 people to turn up in cosplay!

Attendees can get get a fair amount of free stuff in exchange for their attendance dressed as video game characters — Madman, those wicked purveyors of Anime and Manga, are providing a showbag, and Raptus Games is providing over $1000 worth of games.

The event is on May 2, so you have plenty of time to get your outfit prepared. Head here for more details and registration, and here to check out AIE's Facebook page.

It would be awesome to have at least a couple of Kotaku readers involved in breaking a world record!

And fine, here is a pic of me dressed at Minato from Naruto eating birthday cake using my Kunai. Please note: those are not sharingan contact lenses I'm wearing, it's good old fashioned camera red-eye.

I know, hot right?

[Awkward silence]


    Melbourne... what can't we do.
    I shall go Solidus from the MGS series. :D

      alright if you're actually doing that I pretty much have to attend now just to see that happen

      Just go as Snake. Cardboard box = done!

        Solidus can be just an Old Snake outfit and then wrap yourself in ag-pipe.

      "Melbourne... what can't we do."
      Properly police it...
      Keep our own streets clean of filth and smell...
      Fix the Myki debacle...

      That's a few :)

    On a Wednesday...Why did it have to be a Wednesday...
    I was planning to go as Tex Murphy but that's gone now.
    Curse living in regional Victoria.

      This point has been made many times before. It's being run by the AIE, so a weekday worked better and was easier to book at Fed Square.

      Curse living in regional Victoria? The same state as Melbourne at least?
      Curse living in Western Australia and being a poor student, in my opinion. :P

    ...that's awesome, Mark. Just...awesome. And Haruhi! Also awesome.

    Wednesday is my day off, and Fed Square is 2mins by motorbike from my place... I can not think of a reason not to go, where's my Man Faye outfit gone?


        Lies and slander.


          Green off, green off, green off!

            Well, yeah... green does tend to tell you something is expired..

    Bugger, got work that day :(
    I shall cosplay at work to compensate.

    A wednesday?!?!?!

    Yeah.. good luck breaking that record... damn it! :(

    Haha, that pic. That's how Minato does his Teleportation Jutsu right? ... RIGHT?

    A bit early for halloween? We don't even celebrate it here.

    Is that an Iron Golem from Minecraft?

      No, it's a robot from Laputa: Castle in the Sky

    Oh my god, it looks like Simon Pegg as Minato.

    Also, awesome costume, Mark XD

    Totally going and wearing my American McGee’s Alice costume.

    Tuxedo AbareKiller is the best guy there.

    May I just must be video game characters. Not that you can't do other cosplay, but it must be a video game first ^^;

    I go to AIE, so I know

    Surely any city in Japan can break this record in two minutes?

    I'm swear they must get close to 1000 cosplayers at Supanova anyway. The competition alone has over 300 entrants, and heaps of people don't enter.

    Either way, this sounds awesome. I wish I wasn't in another state!

      haha yeah A walk through Harajuku on a weekend would come close to record breaking just about any week of the year! They're out in full force!

      It's for videogame cosplay, not anime if you check the website

    Why not tie it in with a convention like Supanova or Armageddon? Then the record would be easily smashed.

    Wait, how does Comiket and japense conventions not beat this with ease?

    Mark, you need to make an important amendment to this post. It has to be cosplaying as a video game character who's first appearance was in a video game.

    For example, Mario first appeared in a video game before any other media, so he's fine. Batman on the other hand was a comic character before appearing in video games, thus Batman doesn't count. This is very important for people to count toward the record.

    Scree will be there. She can provide us with photos.


    Thanks for the Post. We have some very exciting announcements still to come so stay tuned for more updates soon.

    Huh. They're having a dress-up day up here at AIE Sydney that day too, though no mention of any world record attempts for us.

    Damn Melbrons.

    Ill definitely go. Im still waiting on the dates for when Molyneux and Shafer are coming down too.

    Hmm, I've probably got no work on that day. Now what to appear and props. Nerf guns I've 4 to choose from and have the awesome belt-feed mg one. the typical black trench coat I do possess along with aviator sunglasses.
    I could turn up as a minion from Syndicate.

    NEW UPDATE = CHANGE OF DATE (Saturday 5th of May)

    Hi All,

    We have just changed the date to SATURDAY the 5th of MAY. Due to so many people genuinely wanting to attend but could not due to School, Uni, Work etc. We hope that more people can make it on this new date.

    It's on May 5 now no? Because people wanted it on a weekend?

      Yeah that change happened after the article was written!

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