Minecraft Creator Likes My Little Pony, But Not Like That

Len Peralta just has a way of bringing out the pony fan in today's most respected video game developers. After outing Valve's Gabe Newell as a certified brony, Minecraft's Markus "Notch" Persson admits his My Little Pony Admiration on the latest Geek a Week podcast.

Now Notch wouldn't call himself a brony per se, but he does admire the workmanship that goes into creating an episode of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. He tells Mr. Peralta that it's the sort of cartoon that he'd let his children watch, if he had children. You know, standard boilerplate for a brony too timid to join the herd.

It's OK, Notch. They're a gentle bunch. After all, vänskap är magic (thanks, Google translate!)

Legends of Videogames: Markus "Notch" Persson [Geek a Week]


    Why would you be ashamed to watch My Little Pony?

      It's a show for little girls...

      It's gay as all hell, and as Michael says, its for little girls.

        If you mean Michael from RT you know he's a brony too right? Mike turned him onto it.

      I notice that many a brony live in fear of anyone (IRL) finding out that they watch Ponies.

        as the y should.

    Because of Bronies. That's a real deep rabbit hole of crazy.

      Oh and Trekkies - Jedi's - Sports Fanatics - Galactica - Cos Players - Brown Coats - Otakus ect ... ect ... are all far more superiour fans that have never done anything remotely close to whats out there for Brony's.
      Personally they don't bother me but the hatered of them seems out of synch when compared to other fan bases.

    I don't think it's about that. Maybe he just wants to distance himself from the fandom?

    Which I believe is completely understandable. I felt much the same way with the Sonic the hedgehog fanbase. I like Sonic the Hedgehog, But the fanbase is or was crazy! (Hint: Go to deviantart and search " the hedgehog." You'll get the idea. Not 100% SFW, and I wish I didn't need to put that warning, but there you go.) Same with things such as Invader Zim, The Nightmare before Christmas, Tim Burton anything, Star Wars/Trek, Batman, Deadpool, Naruto, Homestuck, Avatar, The Lord of the Rings, Twilight. Just to name a few, There are more, but these popped into my head the quickest.

    I can enjoy the show, but it's the target audience, the fangirls and fanboys that are younger that tend to be more vocal over the internet and in the forums of various websites, that define what a fanbase seems like from the outside. The ones who like "shipping" characters, and by shipping I mean pairing two characters from the series up (continuity be damned because love), the people who draw the borderline creepy fanart/fiction, the ones with "waifus" and "husbando's", The one's who will not take any criticism of the show at all without attacking the person who said it. Those are the people that make a fanbase stand out.

    Now I'm not saying that everyone in fandom is bad, or creepy, or that even a majority of them are that way. It only has to be a vocal minority to turn a fan base sour.

    If he doesn't want to call himself a Brony, good on him. It's completely his choice who and what he identifies with.
    If he wants to associate with or like the fan base, is a decision completely independant of enjoying the show itself.

      You do realize that the only definition for "Brony" is "Person who likes MLP:FiM", right?

      Regardless of whether or not you agree with a fanbase, and personally I find very little to complain about with Bronies aside from their... enthusiasm, and eagerness to express that enthusiasm with people not yet part of the fandom.

      Also? Shipping is hardly a negative character trait of a fandom, as almost everyone that watches a TV show will do it, whether they admit to it or not. AlsoX2 combo! The term "waifu", when used outside of Japan, in almost always used in jest, no one actually thinks they're married to a character.

        Unless they're Otakukin....

          Otaku are a joke no matter where you're from. As such they don't truly count.

      You know if you search [your name] the hedgehog on deviantart, you can pretty reliably find a piece of sonic fanart.

        oh whoops, just now read the addendum later in comments, serves me right for not reading the whole thread.

    Seems I messed up the formatting a little. Looks like I have to be careful using special characters.
    It is supposed to read "Hint: Go to deviantart and search ”your-name" the hedgehog.” on line 4
    "Now I'm not saying everyone in "X" fandom is bad..." on line 15

    so ... he hasn't actually said anything about liking the show personally , just that he acknowledges and admires the work that would go into an episode and he wouldn't hurl a brick through the screen if his kid was watching it?


    This doesn't actually prove anything ... just seems like pandering to the bronies. That said, I am a brony and all that jazz ... but this just seems reaching. I'm sure there were actual game related content in the interview that could have been reported on instead

    There's this video on youtube of some guy in Australia doing some kind of presentation to his classmates about MLP. It is so horrible, so embarrassing, I only had to see 5 minutes of this 20 minute presentation to realise that as someone who likes the show: I couldn't call myself a Brony.

      That's... incredibly shallow of you! Basing an entire fandom off of a class presentation, when to be perfectly honest it's only your own fault for being so embarrassed FOR the guy. If he hadn't wanted to do the presentation then he wouldn't have done it.

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