MIT Students Turn Campus Building Into Playable Tetris Game

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology has a long (long) history of student "hacks" — harmless but clever pranks. Several tend to show up in any given year. Previous reasonably recent favourites (of mine) include turning a building into The One Ring, flying Nyan Cat through a lobby, and an upside-down lounge.

The students' newest adventure brought larger-than-life video games to campus, as the gridded shape of the side of the Green Building proved irresistable for a game of Tetris. The game was fully playable, with three levels that got progressively harder over time.

Alas, the video reminds us of the eternal truth of Tetris: even if you program it yourself, to run down the side of a building, you never can get the long piece when you really need it.

MIT Completes the "Holy Grail of Hacks," Turning the Green Building into a Game of Tetris [BostInno, via Mashable]


    Very impressive, but you'd think after putting all the effort in to doing this, they'd pick someone who knew how to play Tetris!

    Impressive stuff, but would've been cooler with the Tetris theme song playing in the background

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