Modern Warfare 3 Is Finally Releasing New Maps For PC Gamers

Ha ha, but who plays Modern Warfare 3 on PC amirite? Well, people do in numbers enough that Activision's finally decided to sell them the "Content Collection 1" made available to Xbox 360 gamers earlier this year. It's the first post-release content to become available for this version of the game.

Content Collection 1 will be available on May 8, offering four multiplayer maps and two Spec Ops missions, stuff that Call of Duty Elite subscribers have been able to play since January, and others have been able to purchase since March (and April on the PS3.)

Modern Warfare 3 DLC available on PC in May [Shacknews]


    Why would they take this long? I mean, I don't play MW3 at all, but releasing a digital product costs nothing to Activision - why wait 4 months? Do they just hate the PC?

      im sure it costs at least something.

      It requires servers, and given the popularity of the game, a lot of them. Not cheap and can go horribly wrong if not handled adequately.

      They're still dicks though.

        Uh, what servers?


      Microsoft pays them to shaft the PC and PS3 so that the Xbox can get it before everyone else.

      I was going to say it was to try and push more CoD Elite subscriptions, but i realised that PC does not have that option for them. I think Activision doesn't like PC after giving maps away free back when CoD4 was around. Still not enough showers to wash that thought off their mind. :P

    Servers for what exactly...

    It cost nothing to add content to steam, and MW3 dosent have dedicated servers, which is just retarded..

      Matchmaking STILL uses servers. Not the same, but they still use Internet and network space for Activision. But they should have enough money for that anyway from the millions of dollars they've made off MW3.

    I was willing to purchase this earlier but since they took so long i might as well save my money for the bf3 close quarters pack

    @Ryan seriously dude? Online on pc requires servers which makes it easier for everyone to play with less lag :P or something along those lines and consoles use a host connection so if the host has a bad. Connect everyone lags :P but the true question is... Why even play call of duty? When there are much better games like ArmA2!

    i refuse to buy this. never again after mw2 am i buying content packs for cod

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