Modern Warfare 3 Player Gets Angry Kid To Argue With Himself

This is trolling at its finest (or worst, really). A MW3 player gets into a smack-talking back and forth with what seems to be a young kid, and records it for funsies. Funsies eventually turns into YouTube user Darknessgta4 playing the recording back to the kid, after which he actually gets the kid to argue with... himself.

The fact that the argument amazingly lines up so well just goes to show how ridiculous this whole trolling, online insulting thing really is. Can't we all just get by with a "good game" and leave it at that?

Trolling on MW3 - Making a Kid argue with himself (Funny) [YouTube via Reddit]


    Thats called trolling for all the right reasons :) little foul mouthed brat should be permabanned from xbl. Legendary clip lol.

    I can't understand a word that kid is saying : /

      Took me a while too. Once I realized what the accent is (Scot), the in-head translation software kicked in.

        Actually, I think it's Geordie. Northern England anyway, but not Scottish. Unless Mark can correct me here :)

        Definitely NOT Scotch.

          On the rocks?

    This kid can look forward to a wonderful career as a politician.

    Kids like that are the reason why we can't have nice things.

    This is way i dont have a xbox live.

    Bahahaha thats good as what a dumbass

    Its just a game.....and a shit one at that

    That's gold.

    No idea what's going on for most of it. But I at least made out the bit where he called himself a "****in squeaky ****" :P

    Love it. Absolutely hilarious.

    The best part is where he gives himself shit for his balls not having dropped, he obviously doesn't realise its him, and that he has the most annoying voice ever.

    I'll be perfectly honest, I'm happy to have never heard people like this on PSN. He definitely sounds too young to be playing MW3 and he's a rude little brat. It may sound like PSN/XBL fanboyism but I've only ever heard nice-ish people using mics on PSN. Granted, I don't play MW much...

      Your either a liar or a troll, I find the obnoxious ps3 kiddies far more abrasive and frequent. Not that I mind though as prefer black ops and most of the screaming 12 year olds play MW3.


    See Australia needs the whole R18 rating enforced so next time this happens it won't be a squeaky voiced Australian accent that the whole internet is hearing. I feel so embarrassed for Scotland right now.

    I love how kids these days reckon that prestige level means everything about how good they are. News flash i could be level 1 and still be better than you. COD has been out for a long time in its current form.

      They are the same pretentious little bastards that harrass their mums into buying stupid things like COD elite.

    This is amazing, I nearly choked watching it.

    Took awhile to understand what he was talking about though.

    "I'll give you a 1v1 quickscopes"

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