My Most Anticipated PS3 Game Slides Out Of 2012 (But Here's An English Trailer)

Ni No Kuni, a collaboration between RPG powerhouse Level-5 and animation wizards Studio Ghibli, is not only one of the prettiest video games I've ever seen, but also one of the more enjoyable. It's very sad news, then, that the game's Western release has been delayed.

Originally scheduled to appear later this year, publishers Namco Bandai have pushed the game's American release back to 2013 (it was originally "Winter 2012", ie December). In doing so, it should be out at the same time as the European version, which was always due in early 2013 anyways.

Namco Bandai cited as the main reason for the delay a desire to see people like myself shed manly tears.

The trailer above is the first time we've seen the game's extensive Western localisation in place. Which is...nice and all, but given the fact this is going out to fans of a Japanese RPG company and a Japanese anime studio, how many people are going to play with the new voices when they can just select to play it as the creators intended?


    sooo, wind waker but critical acclaim and 0 condemnation for the "cartoony" look?

      So the words "Studio Ghibli" don't mean anything to you, I'm guessing? Why would anybody condemn Studio Ghibli for making something with a cartoony look when they make... cartoons?

        i know who studio ghibli are, but my point remains - its using the same cell shading techniques that were criticised when zelda implemented it. all of a sudden its OMG studio ghibli *druel* gozggz amazoring wow.... wtf.... im sure itll be a sweet game (or as good as studio ghiblis rather escentric fanstasy story lines go), but my point is valid, nintendo did it with wind waker and it was lauded as a bad decision, studio ghibli do the same thing and its totally amazing... wtf?

          Nintendo had a long established history with non-cel-shaded Zelda games, so I guess the fans had certain expectations. Studio Ghibli and Level 5 have a history of cartoons and cartoon-y looking games, so this is giving their fans what they want. In this case people would probably be upset if it WASN'T cel-shaded.

          It's because of weaboo neckbearded mai-waifu fags who wiith the one mention of anime lose their shit. It's the hypocrisy of the internet, don't try and take it too personally.

    Just watched the older footage from the previous article and I am sold. It's like watching an Anime. Beautiful.

    I shouldn't have watched that. That is the most beautiful game trailer I have ever seen. WANT!!!!!

    I got it last year. It's not super great, the graphics are amazing and the music is epic, but it reminds me of dragon quest A LOT. Not a particularly good plot to pull you forward, cute enemies and a huge amount of grinding required. I'm only 10hrs in (takes me ages because of the language barrier) but I'm not sold on it, I think Eternal Sonata had a better balance between pretty graphics and engaging gameplay.

      Also, I had to pay $150 to import it from Japan, so I might be a little bias. And maybe the game gets heaps better at the half way point. And don't get me wrong, the graphics and music are worth the price of admission alone. But it's not a fantastic game.

      The Dragon Quest similarity shouldn't be that surprising, Level 5 also developed Dragon Quest VIII and IX.

        I thought they just did the graphics.

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    I saw the collectors edition book that some dude got, it looked incredible and by far the best I have seen. for any game.

      The book is freaking awesome. The pages look pwnage and the cover has a glass stone set into it, it's one of the cooliest things ever. And there's HEAPS of pages. It's awesome.

      And that came with my regular edition! So hopefully it'll come with the normal ones when it releases here.

    I wish they'd release PC versions of these type of games. I own pretty my every Studio Ghibli film.

    I might have to buy the missus a PS3 as an anniversary present so I can play this. Whats the going rate for a PS3 these days?

      There was a 160GB on special at Big W last week for $188. It was on sale, but there'll be other sales by the time the game is released.

        Probably due for a price cut soon-ish, too. Maybe hold off and see if anything gets announced at E3.

    i want this so much, love anime and this looks like the best game ever

    a fansubbed version would be good, any real fan of japanese media wouldnt be able to play this with a shitty dub

      Eh? "Ni no Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch is scheduled for North American release winter 2012 and will include both English and Japanese voiceovers"

    Que atrocious dub by western idiots, Ruin ALL the anime things!

      normally the ghibli dubs aren't as bad as anything by say... funimation, 4kids, aniplex, and any of the other dubbers. because ghibli gets all its dubs done by Disney. who have some experience in these sorts of things

        The more recent ones are better. Some of the older ones are awful - Kiki's Delivery Service is damn near unwatchable in English.

    I want an English release on the DS. :(

    Probably just me, but when the kid is casting the spell at the end, i swear he's saying 'porn star'

    About time Studio Ghibli animated a video game, good to see them show how JRPGs should be done!

    So that kid is imagining his mother as the evil witch so that he can better come to terms with her death? If so that's pretty cliche. Why do people rave about the japanese writing? Also if you couldn't tell I made up that last comment.

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