New Gorgeous Metroid Prime Art Uncovered

Neogaf user Mama Robotnik has a habit of unearthing incredible Retro Studios Metroid art, and as a massive fan of Metroid Prime, I'm always appreciative. Personally I love this kind of thing, especially when it's from a game/series that I truly adore. Some of this art is quite gorgeous, some of it gives a cool insight into development.

I really like this hand drawn stuff, like this Mecha Ridley...

And this Omega Metroid...

I have no idea what this is.

There's also some cool renders and such like.

Head to the Neogaf thread for more stuff.

Thanks Mama Robotnik!


    Metroid Prime was like the ONLY game to ever make me doubt my decision to never buy/own a Wii. Very pretty.

      Oh. I'm obviously confused - wasn't there one on Wii? A Metroid Prime, that is.

        3rd in the trilogy was Wii I believe

          ...Wait, Junglist? From Good Game?

          I guess the real question is, are they any good? Been tempted to pick up a Wii just for tehlolz, considering how cheap they are lately.

            As for if they're any good, the first one has an average review score of about 96, the 2nd is at 94 and the third has 91. Be prepared to do a LOT of backtracking and stumbling around though. That bit probably turns people away the most. Also the first one doesn't really have an emphasis on combat. The games are probably more Zelda than Halo, IMO.

        There's also a collection of all 3 on the Wii. They stopped producing them only like, a month after it was released.

          Oh wow. Might have to check on eBay!

            They also added that "achievement" system that was in the third game to the first and second game. But the controls translated pretty well to the first two games, even if it made them easier.

            Which is a negative thing about the whole trilogy, you have to unlock the harder difficulty settings by beating the game on Normal first. They're easy enough as it is.

            Gametraders at Parra still has a new copy (saw it last week though, maybe gone now)


            $50 from there new, uk copy though it doesnt really matter

    If I'm not mistaken, that thing you don't know the identity of is probabaly a Leviathan - it infects a planet with Phaaze

      Yeah, that looks a lot like those guys.

    I think that third concept art thing is Draygon, or an Evir.

    Playing Trilogy this weekend......thanks Mark!

    how is this retro?

    only metroid prime experience I have is the ds one "hunters". Really enjoyed it until the part where you had to flee the exploding base in some ridiculous - could never get past it and just gave up - my cube is still hooked up so i may look at hitting up ebay for the gc metroid games...

      Then truly you have not had a Metroid Prime experience!

    The third picture is obviously "space steak Miktran" from Tales of Destiny on the PS1.

    Metroid is without question the best Sci-Fi franchise from Nintendo. They are all excellent games (Metroid 1, 2, 3)

    Do yourself a favour and buy them!

    Man, Metroid Prime blew me away. From the interesting enemies, every room being unique and all of the scanning building up an interesting universe. Also the amount of detail, such as looking up in the rain and seeing the droplets hit your visor. Halo came out a year or so later, constantly repeated rooms and 4 or 5 enemy types for most of the game...urgh.

    To those who have a Wii and never played any Metroid Prime games, I suggest you go and find a copy. I have still seen it in a few Targets and Big Ws. I own the first 2 for GameCube, but never completed them due to some frustrations. Prime 1 and 2 in the Trilogy were changed a bit to make them a little easier and the Wii controls are fantastic (the GameCube controls took a little to get used to). I had a blast revisiting them and I think the Wii controls make the first 2 games that much more enjoyable.

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