New Prometheus Trailer: The Origins Of Alien’s Androids Are Just A Little Bit Creepy

New Prometheus Trailer: The Origins Of Alien’s Androids Are Just A Little Bit Creepy

This new trailer for Prometheus, Ridley Scott’s Alien prequel, sits us down with David, an earlier model of the androids which populate later movies in the series.

If you think he’s a little creepy, well, he should be! Most people remember Bishop from Aliens, the “good” robot, but man, Ash from Alien was bananas.


  • Prometheus isn’t an Alien prequel any more is it? I know that was its original concept but I thought they’d decided to break with that franchise and make it a stand-alone thing?

    • I thought that too, but looking at recent trailers, I’m wondering whether that was just a distracting technique. A lot of the stuff looks very much like a prequel to Alien.

      And at the least, it’s in the same universe, and presumably set before Alien, so whether or not it’s a direct prequel or not is… less relevant?

      • Seems like it started as a prequel concept, then the script was written to not be in the Aliens universe, and then modified when they realised that they’d make more money off it if it actually was a prequel after all so it is in the Alien universe again. :\

        • Isn’t the planet they go to LV -426 because the ship from Alien is there?

          And in the trailer said ship ‘splodes and crashes into the position they find it in Alien, right?

          Man, so excited.

    • Yes and no. Promethius is set in the same universe as Alien, but separate from the adventures of Ellen Ripley.

      It’s like having a movie set in the star wars universe, that has nothing to do with any of the story/characters from either trilogy. (Old republic movie anyone? please :P).

  • It will be the biggest troll ever if an alien bursts out of someones chest within the first 10 minutes.

    • There will be parasites judging from the trailer, (You hear a man screaming at one point to ‘cut it out’) just not xenomorphs.
      I assume the Xenomorphs will be created as a result of the events of the events of Prometheus.

  • This feels like what would result if Sterling Cooper made iPod commercials…. and if iPods were Androids.

  • Pretty sure when it was first announced all we really knew at the time was ITS A SPACE JOCKEY MOVIE! so AFAIK it has always been a Aliens movie, even if it doesn’t include the actual aliens themselves. And that’s fine. The other trailer for the movie so far looks absolutely amazing. Definitely looking forward to it.

    And does anyone get an Apple vibe from this? I think Weyland Yutani is Apple’s future. Sort of.

    • ^ what he said. This is Ridley Scott finally making the movie he’s been talking about for years. He’s always said that he thought the direction the ALIEN franchise went in didn’t interest him very much, but that he’d love to do a film that explores the background of the crashed ship and the ‘Space Jockey’… This is that movie.

      Same ‘universe’, but not focused on the “‘xenomorph’ species v.s. Ellen Ripley” theme.
      I’m not expecting to see an “Alien” except for maybe a brief hint or glimpse of an egg at the end.
      I’m also expecting this movie to kick all kinds of ass.

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