New Super Mario Bros. 2 Hits Japan 3DSes This August

A new side-scrolling Super Mario Bros. game called New Super Mario Bros. 2 will be released for the Nintendo 3DS this August, Nintendo president Satoru Iwata announced today in Japan. Hit the jump for screenshots.


    Awesome. I'm loving the 3DS more and more as its lifespan goes on. I'll have to pick up New Super Mario Bros. 1 before picking up this

    Will they wreck it as much as the first one

    I never really understand who in thought putting New in the name was a good idea, because for New Super Mario Bro's, its no longer new, since there has been now 2 newer super mario bro's games released since.

    Damn this is looking great! Mario is flying again!! Why did I buy a Vita?! The 3DS seems to be all the love!

      Seems to be getting all the love, excuse my poor grammar!

        No, the 3DS being all the love sounds about right to me.

      I've got both, and I like the Vita a lot more, mostly because of the cheap PSP JRPGS on PSN, but I think it's a better system for multitasking than the 3DS. Give the Vita another year, it's still got some catching up to do. And it's not region locked... Gonna have to buy a Japanese 3DS so I can play Phoenix Vs Layton...

        Right, because the reason you buy a handheld game console is to multitask and play old rpgs. The vita may be technically better but without a constant stream of new games that are worth playing, the sales aren't going to pick up. Sony always releases better tech than others, then fails to support it with games or realistic pricing, just look at the ps move as another example...

          PSP was pretty awesome. Most of the western developed games died in the arse but it had some amazing japanese games on it, like Monster Hunter and Dissidia. And the Vita has some good games in the pipes, Gravity Rush, Dragon's Crown, Persona 4 The Golden and there's rumours of a new MH game. Vita isn't out for the count yet, and the core tech powering it is much better than the 3DS. I had to get an american 3DS so I could play SMTDS Overclocked, but I can just import with Vita. It's so much better.

            YOU. Are you the same Lachlan who listens to the All Gen Gamers podcast?

    Reggie announced an August release date for NA as well. Really hope this one does something different, Mario's still fun, but its getting stale.

      So December for Australia would be my guess.

    Wow, flying capability.... awesomesauce :D

    Is this supposed to be the rumored Super Mario Bros 4?
    I hope not...

    Is that a Gold suit I see?

    Not necessarily, Europe is getting an August release date too. So Aussies should have it around the same time, and Gametraders might even break the street date again.

    Looking forward to it. Regardless of what some people say, Nintendo can always make a fun and enjoyable experience no matter what they recycle.

    Hope they bring back the multiplayer from either the DS or Wii versions and make them online, those were so much fun

    Bring it on! It's perhaps the least surprising thing I'm likely to see this week, this announcement, but I don't care. I can't wait.

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