New Super Mario Bros. 2 Will Be Nintendo's First Proper Downloadable Game

The freshly-announced New Super Mario Bros. 2, for the 3DS, sees Nintendo entering the digital download age for real, as the game will be available as either a packaged product at retail or as a downloadable title (which is saved to an SD card). [Twitter]


    and it will never go on sale, ever.

      because people will keeping buying it - it will still be in the top 10 3DS 5 years later.


    I'm a little torn. Digital Game means I'd always be able to play it without having to switch carts, that's a plus, but I dont imagine there'll be a huge price difference compared to the physical, which I'd want to have sitting in my growing library of 3DS games.

    I think I'll end up sticking with the physical copy for this one.

      Plus, you'll have to buy a new SD card.

    I would love to get the download version, but knowing Nintendo's E-Store it will be stupidly expensive.
    Would no doubt be cheaper just to import form ozgame as per usual.

    Here's hoping I'm wrong!

    Say what you will, but at least you can use any SD card for storage. Its the only thing keeping me from going all digital with my Vita, damn expensive memory cards!

      While I agree with you in regards to vita's expensive proprietary memory being horrible at least it’s region free so you can buy your games at 50-70% of the price we pay here. That should compensate for the memory card after about 2-3 games from the US store and the rest is savings for more games ^^. Also I do hope that the memory card is in some way encrypted (though I’m pretty sure it’s only a cash grab; decrypting files would eat a lot of battery) because, while I’m in favour of homebrews and cfws – I don’t want to see them for about 2 years so that vita has a nice install base and devs don’t back out like they did with non-Japanese psp games.

      Memory card costs become irrelevant when you can so easily use the US store and get games on the cheap without waiting for shipping.

      Knowing you can never lose the cartridge an thus an entire game (or if you lose the vita the games themselves

    Did this get coupled with Nintendo store accounts that exist outside of your 3DS?

    Having every game I owned for DS (a few gba and snes roms were also nice) on a flash cart spoiled me. Having to carry around a bunch of 3ds carts is really irritating me at the moment so I will be in favor of this even if it means I lose the ~50% resale value for ebaying my carts when I'm finished. Ideally I'd like to have both physical and digital copies of the game or potentially the ability to couple and uncouple the game with different consoles rather than just being tied to your 3ds account and console but I'm dreaming here.

    This is awesome, because of work I am based in Korea which is just about to get their own region locked 3DS. I have had to wait three to four weeks for the likes of Zavvi, et al to send games. I agree the region locking sucks and is only hurting customers not the pirates. Maybe Nintendo is getting serious about digital distribution this time

    for us Japanese living in Australia, it's going to be great to have access to digital copies of games from the Japanese store rather than having to ask family to buy them and send them over by post

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