Nintendo Registers Super Mario 4 Domain Name

Oh guys, you won't believe this. It's absolutely crazy. But there might actually be another Super Mario game. I know, I know. It sounds unbelievable, but here's the proof guys. Nintendo has registered a domain name. For a Mario game. A new Mario game? It can't be...

Okay, I'll tone down the sarcasm, because I think there is some merit in this story. Yes, the fact that Nintendo is always working on a Mario game is a given and, yes, the fact that Nintendo has registered a Mario domain name hardly important — but the domain name is kind of interesting: Super Mario 4.

Is Nintendo making a spiritual sequel to Super Mario Bros 3? Does this mean Nintendo is working on some sort of high production 2D Mario? What platform will it be released on? The 3DS? The Wii U?

It raises more questions than it answers, of course, but my guess would be a 2D Mario for the 3DS since Nintendo has already explicitly stated they are working on one.

Watch this space.

Also — I just tried to buy, but someone has it already. and are totally available though!


    These sort of domain registrations are too easy to read into - they may be just trying to reduce redirects. A numbered sequel to three would be cool though.

    *fanboy squeal*

    I hope its a sequel to new super mario bro wii, that game kicks arse

    If there's a new Mario 64/Sunshine esque game at the WiiU's release, I'll definietly be buying day one!

    Never saw it coming. Next you'll be telling me that there'll be a new Zelda game!

    Mother of God. It all makes sense now - Sony is publishing Super Mario 4.

      Maybe it'll be some kind of crossover... Kratos as a playable character in SMB4, Mario as a playable character in GOW4.

      And before you say that's unpossible, remember there was a time when the thought of Mario and Sonic appearing in the same game was also unthinkable :P

    Super Italian rehash 4! Unreal!

    Nintendo confirmed months ago that they're releasing a new 2D Mario game for the 3DS in 2012. Most likely for that.

    Wow, biased journalism at its finest.
    Your writing is in peril, Serrels, if you're resorting to sarcasm.

    Any new fully-fledged (and dirst-party) Mario game has my vote of approval.
    They've never made a Mario platformer I haven't liked, except for the ones I've loved. .

      *first party.
      "Dirst" party? I don't even like Limp Bizkit!

        Apparently your subconscious does.

          "Now this red cap gets a rap from the critics" I always thought that was about Mario

    They can't bring out Super Mario Bros 4 because that was the name of Super Mario World world in Japan so it would cause confusion in Japan.

      Yep I was thinking the same thing... Still I wouldn't mind if they did!

    OhpleaseOhpleaseOhpleaseOhpleaseOhpleaseOhpleaseOhpleaseOhpleaseOhplease be an 8-bit Mario game

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