Nintendo Won't Be Revealing The Wii U's Price At E3

Nintendo's currently holding an investor's meeting to discuss its recent financial results, and among all the grim financial talk there's some news. Like the fact that, despite launching worldwide in 2012, Nintendo won't be telling us how much the system costs at E3. [Twitter]


    To me, that says it will be a low price. If it were a high price, they'd announce it early to give people time to adjust. By saving it till late, it means it will be a pleasant surprise.

      OR, they giving themselves plenty of time to show case how awesome the thing is, then, slug a high price tag on it.

      I agree to extent. I think the price will be very mid-range though. If it were cheap, they'd definitely announce it. Did wonders for the wii and PS1.

        Sorry did you imply the PS1 was cheap?

          Well in the US it was $299 a $100 cheaper than the competing Sega Saturn and half the price of the 3DO, but in Australia it was ludicrus $600-$700 or $1300 if you were stupid enough to but an import.

            Didn't know about the US price, was thinking of the 700 AU or 1000 (?) NZ.

            The Aussie dollar was only 65 US cents at the time.

          Yeah - I was referring to the US, where it was a lot cheaper than its competitors. The famed E3 announcement where the crowd went nuts.

          haha yeah certainly not at release. I had to wait for it to drop to $200 before I picked one up (1998). Lots of good games were out then and many of best at a nice cheap price (although ffvii had just been localised so i paid full for that after renting it once >.<)

    Disagree. High price, but they don't want it to destroy the hype train from E3 and taint the huge coverage.

    If it was awesome AND cheap, they'd certainly announce it to make it a killing blow.

      Seconded. Remember the PS1 and Vita prices? Way lower than expected for the tech, and Sony let people know early.

      If the controller alone is rumoured to cost $100, then the whole package isn't going to be launched for US$300. I'm thinking we'll find the prices a few months before launch.

        on the controller front, they still need to 100% confirm whether how many of those tablet ones can be used with the machine, if it's still one then the price might be better, but that is also a death wish, at minimum you need two, otherwise for families there will be fights on who gets to use the 'good' controller.

        seeing as their wii remotes are $60-$70 now over here, I can only imagine you will be looking at $150 for the new one, so the complete cost of this new machine could blow out a touch.

        I don't think the price of the controller has anything to do with it if the $100 price point is true. On launch of the Wii, the Wiimote was $60 and the Nunchuk was $30. Not much of a difference.

        I don't think the price of the controller has anything to do with it if the $100 price point is true. On launch of the Wii, the Wiimote was $60 and the Nunchuk was $30. Not much of a difference.

    Maybe they're waiting to gauge what the reaction is like at E3. If everybody goes nuts for it then it might mean they can afford to launch at a higher price. If it's all a bit "meh", then it's off to the bargain basement.

      I was thinking the same thing. Hopefully not, we all know how well that went down when the 3DS price was unveiled...

    Well you can pre-order it from EBgames for $599 for what thats worth.

      It's a speculative placeholder price so EB can take preorders early. Most retailers do this for console releases.

      As I understand it EB set that price as an upper-limit estimate. That way if you pre-order and it's cheaper they'll give it to you cheaper. But if you pre-order and then it turns out to be more expensive they still have to give it to you for the cheaper price.
      I think Braaains is probably onto something close to the truth. Personal theory is $499, so they can make you think you've got a four hundred and something dollar bargain while basically charging you five hundred bucks.

    The Wii U will be cheap - only because it will be an inferior device.
    I'd rather pay $1000 for the new Playstation or Xbox, knowing that I'll at least get a solid 5 years of good games. Why spend $200-$400 on a machine which will justhave sequels to games i've been playing for the last 20 years?

      Wow there so much wrong with your argument i dont even know where to begin. Inferior device? Where is your proof? Nintendo havent revealled a thing yet here you are prejudging with out the facts. Comments with out facts = fanboy. Also paying what ever sony or microsoft charge because they make the console? Wow blind too for a fact i wont be putting down $1000 for anyones console even if the WIIU is that price i would wait till its much lower then that.

      Finally you had to bring up sequels like Nintendo is the only guilty of this which im sorry is ridiculous. Wow just wow how blind some people can be. Firstly have been around way longer then sony or microsoft so its most popular franchises are going to used alot more an just look at what microsoft has for the 360 another halo. No sony or microsoft arent guilty of releasing sequels /heavy sarcasm. Hypocrite

      It just shows how desperate now that people know Nintendo has something better for the Wii U then it did for the Wii. The fact that Nintendo has seperated the 3ds line up from the Wii U means they have alot to reveal and what they have showed so far has been good lead up, standard controller - check. Better online - Check all they need an what was sorely lacking for the original Wii was comprehensive third party support. They get that and it would take some amazing new 'gimmick' to beat the Wii U

    As for price what does a ps3 go for these days? $400? Expect it to be more then that if sony can still charge that much for old tech then why cant Nintendo charge more then that for much newer tech

    I expect a AUS$499 price tag which considering the competition is reasonable

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