Nintendo's Terrifying Power Glove Indoctrination Video

Get a cup of tea, a biscuit or two and settle in for 10 minutes worth of Nintendo Power Glove propaganda, courtesy of the official VHS cassette guide to the peripheral.

It is something you really should watch. From the product placement to pseudo-religious tone throughout, it's as perfect a summary of one of Nintendo's most glorious failures as you're likely to see.

Gameplayer's Gametapes Vol 1 no. 9 part 1 of 5 [YouTube, via ALBOTAS]


    I am both ashamed and enbarrest to admit I owned one of these in 1990.It never worked well and was just a gimic, Still it's funny how Nintendo had flops like this and the virual boy that they recycled into to the Wiimote and 3DS that were succsessful.

      Nintendo never made the Power glove, it was Mattel, they made R.O.B instead.

      I laughed when they said the power glove makes menu's easy, just enter program 14 enter enter, then use the buttons on the power glove. How is that easier!

    part 1 of 5. yikes.

    Must. Resist. Urge. To. PURCHASE!

    Hah, wow indeed

    I wanted this so bad, back then... I never did get one =(

    Angry VideoGame Nerd has an awesome video about Nintendos R.O.B.

    And the Powerglove AVGN episode;

    I love how they add a little timer at the bottom of the screen - so you can easily tell how much time you've wasted watching this so far.

    It's so bad.

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