Notch's Upcoming Space Game Will Have A Monthly Fee. And Fully Functional Computers

Minecraft creator Markus "Notch Persson" has been tweeting all sorts of details about his upcoming space simulator, the oddly titled 0x10c.

There's a full unofficial roundup over at a new website called, but here's some of the salient stuff:

  • There will be a monthly fee, because free-to-play games are "a scam", Persson says.
  • You'll have your own ship (that you can build). On that ship, you'll have your own computer (that you can use to program things).
  • There will be an alpha phase, like there was for Minecraft.
  • The graphics will be "simple."
  • "I won't stop viruses, the players will have to do that themselves."
  • Duct tape fixes everything.


    Man, this could be interesting. I'll just need to brush up on my programming me thinks. This is r

    (bloody phone rotating and making me press submit...) *this is sure to be a time killer while studying computer science next year.

      Except it's like studying CS while playing games! Well, if you're planning to do anything with micro-computing and assembler that is. Ahhh, Intro to Micro-Computing was so much fun. Screwing around with the Motorola HC11 and doing all sorts of funky things like noise making devices and showing things on 7-segment displays. High level languages like C#, Java and even Objective C to a certain extent spoil us.

    I heard it was only a monthly fee for multiplayer, and you only had to pay once for singleplayer...

      I heard that too, and I hope it stays true. I refuse to pay a subscription, but this sounds interesting and I don't want to miss out. I don't even like multiplayer anyway, as a rule.

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