Now These Here Are Some Rockin' Mass Effect Leggings

Chicagoan Alexandra Threw has posted the above Mass Effect-inspired N7 Leggings on Etsy, where you can buy a pair for $US75.

As video-game themed leggings go, these are pretty damned cool. I wonder if Threw could get an endorsement from the Commander.

"I'm Commander Shepard, and these are my favourite leggings on Etsy. Wait, what's Etsy? I'm from the future and we don't have Etsy."

N7 Mass Effect Leggings/Pants [Etsy]


    I'm sure a lot of people will give them positive feedback, but not based on the design :P

      I agree, it is nice to see a pair of leggings modeled by someone with a nice, shapely toned pair of pins, and not a skeleton.

      Also, DAT ASS.

        People actually like the skeletons? Every time I meet a girl like that, I feel like they'd tear so I'm completely put off sexual interest have to put on the kid gloves.

          Clearly you haven't looked at a women's magazine lately. There's a difference between attractively thin and OH MY GOD I CAN SEE YOUR VERTEBRAE THROUGH YOUR SKIN!!!

            It saddens me that most people might like that. Personally, I think I might break them and always preferred the healthy-looking, full blooded ones. Women are the worst critics of other women, most men don't give a shit as long as she has a pretty face and doesn't heave when walking.

              Yep. And to give you an idea of how bad it is in the fashion industry, in my fashion illustration class I got told my girls were fat because I do them at comic book sizes (Adam Hughes, that kind of build).
              I like a nice sporty girl with big booty, big boobs, nice shoulders, skinny waist. Aaawww yeeeahh.
              Fashion sucks, there are a rare few artists, the rest of it is degenerate shit made for rich people to prove how rich they are and for pedophile drug dealers to hit on underage anorexic models.

                Adam Hughes?? I'm sure you got told your girls were PHAT ;)


                gimme a real women not a zombie fill in

                  Real women are not defined but what size they are. Grow up.

    The boots make them look totally ridiculous. Different boots might make it work.

      Those boots are awesome!

        They're totally excessive, think of all the poor shoeless children who could have had shoes made with all that excess material!

        Probably only 2 or 3 at most but damnit they're still huge

          Their hugeness and ridiculousness makes them awesome ImO :P

    Not a fan of leggings personally, but I don't mind these.

    I love legging, that is looking at people with leggings


    She sells it well... *blush*

    Please, can we leave the fluff pieces to luke? I don't think I can handle articles that follow the theme of 'this is loosely related to/not at all related to games and I think its cool' coming from more than one author.

      Please can we leave the pointless comments out and skip articles that you think require them.. not hard to scroll over guys...

      Seriously? Dude. Mass Effect is a game. These are a Mass Effect related item. You're an idiot.

    "Omg, a piece of clothing that relates to gaming! Quick, turn it into an article!"

    Related: Those leggings are fuggers.

    Hope they come with a warning label: Wearing this product may attract stalking by socially awkward shut-ins.

    what a great pair of leg.....gings.
    What I don't understand is why are these (and others like those tetris ones) so expensive?

      There are several ways to make legging some cost more than others and treating the material and colour and all that sort of stuff. Also the designer may not use sweat shops factories which add a price.

        Etsy is an arts and crafts network, nothing there is produced in bulk. Since almost every item there is a custom or hand-made by hobbyists (mostly from America), there's a always a premium.

    Those boots are just ridiculous!
    Definitely being modeled by a prawn.

    The boots are cool, the leggings are average at best but it could be worse.....

    they could be....

    jeggings *shudder*

    i want N7 trackpants...

    I want the ME3 leather jacket

    I strangely want these, but could never pull them off...
    mmm N7 Gear

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