Now This Is How A Mass Effect Action Figure Should Look

DC's line of Mass Effect figures were fine, I guess, but this upcoming batch of three toys from Square Enix, all of them based on Mass Effect 3, look much better.

Available in August, the three available will be Commander Shepard (Male), Garrus (duh) and Ashley. Interestingly, Ashley's face sculpt from the front makes her look identical to Emily Blunt, which given the contrast between "pretty English lady with posh voice" and "reformed space racist" makes the whole thing feel a little weird.

[via Hobby Search]


    The head looks awkward, but other than that, looks pretty awesome

    These look pretty Brilliant...

    Wtf would they do Ashley? Out of all the characters available??

    Ashley and not Kaidan?

    what is this madness.

    Shepard and Ashley's heads look weird but Garrus just looks awesome.

      Thats because Garrus is ALWAYS awesome...

    I'm sorry, but the ending of ME3 was so bad it ruined the entire trilogy of games AND these action figures.

      Really? Still? Time to get over it.

        It also ruined Christmas, my birthday, amd the next 3 Easters

          Easter is something that can be ruined? How old are you? :p

          Here, have some chocolate :p

    Instead of Ashley, they should've done Thane

    If they had a Legion action figure I'd have that thing pre-ordered already...

    Really, Ashley? They made a figure of the worst character ever made, in any form of media, ever?

      You clearly haven't endured Hope in Final Fantasy 13.

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