Original, Badass Zelda Art By Katsuya Terada

Katsuya Terada is a Japanese artist you may not know by name, but you may definitely know him for his work. He's done character design for the Blood: The Last Vampire movie. He's helped out on Western cartoons like Hellboy. He's even done illustrations for Nintendo Power magazine.

Which leads us neatly into this gallery of wonderful illustrations from the first few Zelda games.

Appearing in old copies of Nintendo Power, and aimed at complementing the small and crude screenshots used at the time, Terada's Zelda art gives the series a tone and presence it wouldn't be able to muster on its own until well into the 1990s.


    Holy carp! Look at link SCOWL. That is one angry little green fairy. Great pics.

    Hardcore Zelda...Now i wanna go play more Darksiders.

    You know, if the Zelda games ended up looking like this today, I wouldn't be disappointed.
    That's some cool art right there

    Good to witness the power of non-digital art right here in Kotakutown.

    looks stupid... thank goodness for time and progression saving us from this horrible 'art'

      Lol. Ignorance.
      This is fantastic, the images remind me of Create Your Own Adventure storybooks.

    THESE are what I imagine when I think of Zelda games.

    Only SotC has come close to the awesome contained in the old/epic Zelda art.

    - Contibute much art to the games industry? Didn't think so...

    I'm sad to not read any comments from people that have seen these from back in the day! Fantastic works

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