Our First Teasing Glance At DJMax Technika Tune For The PlayStation Vita

Our First Teasing Glance At DJMax Technika Tune For The PlayStation Vita

Korea’s charmingly difficult rhythm game series makes the leap to the PlayStation Vita this winter with DJMax Technika Tune. Mmmm, touch the music.

I’ve got a little love affair going with Pentavision’s DJMax series, greedily gobbling up the sexy style and smooth music of every version released in North America, and importing whatever else I can find.

Arcade rats may have seen a version of DJMax Technika cropping up back in 2009. The Vita game should be a little something like that, only much closer and more intimate. Pentavision originally announced a PS Vita port of the game late last year.

It’s due out in Korea in June, with an international release TBD. Looks like I’m importing; TBD is too long to wait.

DJMAX TECHNIKA TUNE, teaser video released [Ruliweb – Thanks, Jonathan!]


  • I bloody adore DJ Max series. I own every game, including all CE’s except the very first. It was my sole reason for owning a PSP besides Breath of Fire 3. It actually caused my PSP thumbstick to break and snap off entirely.

    Great thing about this series is even in the korean version, the game is nearly entirely english to begin with so import away. I wason the fence about buying a Vita but after hearing about this it was an instant buy and went ahead and bought one the same day. Man… the next 3 months are crazy gaming for me. Tera online, then Diablo 3 comes out few weeks later, then after that Guild Wars 2 and now this!

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