People Like You Gave $9m To Kickstarter Video Game Campaigns Last Month

People Like You Gave $9m To Kickstarter Video Game Campaigns Last Month

After the monstrous success of the Double Fine Adventure Kickstarter campaign, it’s impossible to escape talk of video game development powered by the internet’s largest crowdfunding destination. Part of all the buzz comes from the perception that there’s a lot of money out there that people want to contribute to help produce entertainment that they’d enjoy. How much money, you ask? In the month of March alone, the number ballooned past $US9 million, according to one estimate.

A feature at Rock, Paper, Shotgun tallies up the figures from various Kickstarter video game projects and finds that $US9,339,688 in guaranteed funding was raised last month. If you include campaigns that are still in progress that number gets past $US10 million. Now, the piece notes that some of on-going campaigns may fail to reach their targets and, according to Kickstarter rules, that means that none of the pledged funds will come through. Still, the prospect of dozens of games potentially coming thanks to such campaigns is a tough phenomenon to ignore.

However, it’s what happens after the money gets to the would-be creators that remains to be seen. Earlier in the week, the developers at War Balloon offered up a cautionary tale of the expenditures they ran into after getting their campaign for Star Command. That scenario will surely be repeated. The skill and relative game-making experience of developers soliciting funds on Kickstarter varies widely. Tim Schafer, Brian Fargo and Christian Allen have proven track records. Some of the other people who want your money do not. It’s something to think about before you fill out your credit card details.

$10,000,000 Given To Kickstarter Games Since March [Rock, Paper, Shotgun]


  • I’m still hoping “Jane Jensen’s Pinkerton Road” picks up…more adventure games from the writer behind Gabriel Knight, and Gray Matter… yes please…

  • I’m hoping Starlight Inception gets its funding, it looks to be a good space sim/shooter and sounds like it could fill the niche left by games like TIE Fighter & Wing Commander (sans licence of course)

  • I’ve done my fair share of Kickstarting, to Tim Schafer and the Yogscast. Feels good to be a part of. A big kick in the balls to publishers.

  • I think it would be interesting to have a market/stockmarket for the rights to existing games franchises, for example, Activision list the ownership/rights to all the games they’ve ever made, but aren’t currently interested in making sequels to, or keeping for themselves, and they’ll set prices to the ones they don’t want, for other publishers or independents to buy. A savvy person could buy the rights to a certain franchise, which could then one day become desired to have a sequel for, and they can then either make the game or sell the rights for a profit.

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