Please, Buy These Beautiful Pokémon Comics, OK?

Maré Odomo's series of Pokémon comics, called Letters To An Absent Father, are some of the best video game comics you will ever read. And it's not because they're funny.

No, the comics - penned as trainer Ash writing letters to his father - are often equal parts innocent and brutal, dealing with the more human side of the Pokémon universe.

And, yeah, OK, they can sometimes be funny as well.

While the series has concluded, Maré has collected the comics into a small compendium, one thoughtfully designed to sit snugly inside a DS game case.

You can buy the collection for just $US5 at the link below.

Letters to an Absent Father [Maré Odomo]


    Reminiscent of the previously mentioned Star Wars Vader&Son comic.

    Done, and done :)

    And a personalised drawing, too! Lovely :)

    Why wont you take my money!

    Done! Ordered the super-duper $10 version. Does anyone know how you tell the guy which one you want? Or will he email you about it?

    These are very cute but I always wonder with this sort of stuff, how is it legal for this dude to sell?
    Same as all those video game t-shirts. They're directly profiting of somebody else's IP.
    Anyone know?

    I'm not a Pokemon fan, but not one of those 'comic strips' makes a lick of sense to me. It's like they start to tell a joke and leave out the punch line.

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