Please, God, Bring This Game Of Thrones Game To Life


    What's a Game of Thrones?

      I dunno, some sort of popular board game I think.

      If you're not joking...

      it's a book that goes by:A Song of Ice and Fire by George R. R,. Martin.
      Not a board Game.

    Drogo fighting Robb?

    Also, what? Fighting... game...?

    God, he's that guy who could have chosen to make Pokemon real, right? But instead he was like, 'nah, man, malaria.'

    My ideal SoIaF game would be to take Red Dead Redemption, turn John Marston into a sellsword, and America into Westeros

      Pretty sure that would actually be very cool.

    Why oh why did it get the anime treatment.

      Welcome to The Internet, you must be new!

      That's not even anime style. That's a pretty western style, actually.

    I'll give you 2 to 1 odds on Robb.

      Depends if his Dire Wolf can be summoned.

        and his ultimate is having Grey Wind's head sown onto his!

    I've always wondered who would win in a fight between Brienne and Asha...

      I feel Asha is more of a leader than a soldier, and in one on one, Brienne would have the advantage.

        Yeah I feel like Brienne would have the edge especially if she has armour on. Asha's no joke with the hand axe though...

      Brienne with armour won a melee by beating Loras Tyrell. The only fighters _in this universe_ that at one time or another _might_ be able to beat her are Barriston Selmy, Jaime Lannister, Sandor Clegane or maybe Drogo. Asha is fierce but Brienne is a proper badass, especially if you let her have her armour and oathkeeper.


    While it's a nice idea, the whole thing with Game of Thrones is that it's gritty, not over-the-top cartoony. Perhaps a version like Bushido Blade (PS1) would be better as you had to stick to a honour code and you were incredibly fragile.

    This is fantastic because of how impossible this fight is in both geological and chronological terms.

    Uhh geological...?

      Doraiya just means from different times and places. Like characters who would never meet because they live too far away would still be able to fight. Like Eddard Stark and Strong Belwas or something.

      Sorry, Geographically.

      Always get those two mixed up T_T"

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