Please, Start Making This Space Combat Game Again

New Zealand developers Sidhe are best known for their local sporting games based on stuff like Rugby League. They generally release one or two games a year. Sadly, one game that's not being released anytime soon is also one that looks damn impressive, especially for anyone who remembers a time when people actually made video games about shooting things in space.

Project Space is something the Kiwi developers were working on last year, but which is now "currently on hold". Pity! It's a game that combines both space combat and exploration, and which boasts a nice, clean art style that mercifully escapes the "bad 90s TV series" ship design so many other games in the genre fall into.

It is/was destined for the Xbox 360 and PC. Hopefully a little extra exposure could convince a publisher (or some other means of investment) to come along and get this baby going again.


    yes please do

    The poor space sim genre died out a while ago. This one seems very arcade-y. I miss the days of Freespace 2, Freelancer, Star Wars, etc. Doesn't seem like anyone's interested in putting the time in to make space sims anymore.

      I just downloaded Freespace 2 from GoG. Even after 13 years, it's still an awesome game.

      After Double Fine's success on Kickstater, I have my fingers crossed that some developer will use Kickstater to revive the space-sim genre. Here's hoping.

    That's what the X series is for. That and Evochron. Both worth looking at for space based games that bring back the Freelancer feel. Warning any X game has a huge learning curve but once you get past that it's really a blast.

      sorry X is no replacement for freespace/wingcommander or freelancer. i tried x and i got over spendi g6 hours trying to learn how to fly

    i keep throwing my money at the computer screen but nothing happens

    Try WIng Commander Saga. It's epic and free!

    I'm sensing a decent Kickstarter opportunity here... Any ex-Origin Systems or ex-Volition guys out there?

    If this was on kickstarter I'd put money on it in a heartbeat. Still waiting for a stereoscopic space game.... Make it 3D! :D.

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